How to use Video Email Marketing?

There are many who feel that email marketing is dead. It is a thing of the past. The social media marketing gurus have started to stay that the days of email marketing are over. But those saying that don’t realize the power of email marketing or they have not used it. Email marketing is capable of producing the desired results and email marketing video is a live example of the same.

Many Benefits of Video in Email

There are many benefits of using a video in the email and they have been shown to nearly triple the ROI over the normal mails. Their effectiveness can’t be compared to those emails that contain images. In recent research by the Online Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report has stated that almost 82% of the email marketers they surveyed found the email marketing to be highly effective. Even if you are not capable of sending an email having a professional video, you should know what your options are. For email marketing video you have the option to send the embedded videos, animated gifs, and cinema graphs.

First: Embed a Video in the Email

It is seen that 58% of all the receivers of video in the email will play it. But it depends on the email clients used. It is worth testing your email analytics used by your subscribers. What if the email is not playing well due to the technical limitations? You can make use of the fallback image instead. It is what the users are going to see when they are unable to see the video. Then another idea is to use “video gifs” as the fallback for the HTML5 videos. While they may run well on almost all email clients. But the images may come in large sizes which need to be taken into consideration.

Second: Gifs

They are increasingly being replaced as videos. They are made only from a video but it only takes a couple of frames to bring the movement to appear to move. It helps in not just keeping the animated gifs small and engaging. But in the gif, there should not be more than three to four frames in which you can enough motion to engage the viewer. But there Outlook doesn’t support gifs. Simply create a first frame which works as a static image. There are many gif makers available on the internet. You can even minimize the individual frames with the help of tools available on the internet.

Third: Cinemagraphs

They are a blend between videos and photographs and they look like a looping video but only a part of the image moves.

So Do These Options In The Animated Gifs Work?

Yes, they have been found to have higher transaction-to-click rates. The animated gif campaigns have been used by multinationals and have lifted their revenues twice.


Thus email marketing videos are effective tools in the hand of marketers which they can use to boost revenues.

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