How you can promote your Healthcare App on Social Media

If you aren’t using social media to promote your healthcare app, then you’re definitely missing out! The telemedicine industry has recently experienced a massive boom, giving rise to a number of healthcare apps. Unfortunately, this simply makes it difficult for apps to gain recognition in a sea of more than five million apps available on Apple and Google Play Store.

Because a lot of effort goes into making healthcare apps and telemedicine software, you obviously don’t want all your hard work to go to waste. Leveraging social media is one of the easiest ways to get your app the attention it deserves. What’s better is that you can connect with your prospects at the same time.

To help you on your journey to success, we’ve compiled a list of social media tactics to market your healthcare app on social media and boost app downloads.

1. Leverage Influencer Marketing

Pairing with notable influencers will let you present your healthcare app to an audience which is already engaged and receptive.

According to Twitter reports, almost 40 percent of users make a purchase at the recommendation (often direct) of an influencer. For your healthcare app, some appropriate influencers could be health care providers and physicians such as psychologists, registered nurses, and physiotherapists.

As per the Bloglovin Global Influencer Survey conducted in 2016, nearly 60% of micro-influencers think that Instagram is the most effective channel to engage an audience.

To get the best results, consult with the influencer about the best ways to promote your healthcare app. This is because influencers and micro-influencers are familiar faces and tend to have valuable insights on how to activate their followers. While you can always pour in your suggestions, it’s probably best to leave the challenging work for experts.

2. Facebook

This one should not come as a surprise as Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms. To start, create a page for your healthcare app and post engaging content.

Once you have a sizable audience, create educational videos to engage your audience. A smart way to go about this is to create video tutorials that’ll teach users how to use your app. This is incredibly important because many people might be skeptical about using an app for their health issues. Posting testimonials and asking existing customers to share their experiences is another great way to promote your app.

3. Slack Groups

Slack is one of the most rapidly growing apps of all times. It has daily active users somewhere in the incredible range of four million. However, what frankly is quite eye-popping and encouraging is 320 minutes, the average period of time spent by most users on this platform on weekdays.

While many users prefer using Slack to communicate with their peers in private groups or teams, there are also thousands of public groups available.

Although you should concentrate on building your own unique community, you could always get started by becoming a part of popular groups that are relevant to your target market as well as engaging with members.

Most people like the relative privacy offered by Slack groups in comparison to public platforms such as Twitter or Instagram and it’s likely that you will get more engagement and forge deep relationships with your audience if you play your cards right.

4. Showoff Your Best Reviews

Promoting some of your best reviews on various social media platforms is a sure-fire way to increase the number of downloads of your healthcare app.

About 60 percent of the population believes that reviews and ratings are the most vital factors to consider before downloading a mobile app. If you get a review for your healthcare app from one or more beta testers or an app store accomplishment, be sure to share the praise on various social media platforms to boost visibility.

In addition, YouTube channels such as Daily App Show or many app review websites such as Product Hunt help attract prospects and create awareness about your product.

5. Quora

In addition to using Facebook, Slack Groups and Influencers you can use Quora to organically promote the healthcare app.

Use this Q&A platform to follow relevant topics related to your niche, for example, mental health and gain visibility. Your aim here is to position yourself as an expert in the healthcare niche and then slowly introduce prospects to your app.

Many topics such as the use of healthcare telemedicine software usually have thousands of questions and users. Quora can make it extremely easy and quick for you to closely monitor your chosen niche. Also, since Quora answers are indexed by the search giant Google, writing a great answer will also improve your search engine rankings, giving your app more attention. You can also use the platform to link your company blog and get as many views as possible.

So there you have it. Social media is an amazing tool to promote telemedicine and healthcare in general. Is there something you’d like to add? Drop us a suggestion in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you!

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