Importance and Benefits of Dog Spay

Having your dogs spayed or neutered is not that easy, yet it is essential. Almost all the animal welfare and public organizations strongly back spaying and neutering dogs. Spaying is the most humane way to control an ever increasing catastrophe in dog overpopulation.
Uncontrolled dog upbringing has led to far too many dogs contending for far too few animal adoption homes. Compounding the state of affairs are numerous factors including irresponsible dog owners that purchase cute puppies just to treat them as throwaway puppets, particularly when the puppies grow into middle age. Most of these companion dogs are just abandoned on the side of the road. Of course, there are additional factors, but this is predominantly cruel as well as irrational behavior.
The consequence of such total disrespect to decency is a huge number of pet dogs and cats that are enforced to live on the lanes as well as forage for their sustenance as best they could. They prey on animals and are a threat to kids playing in their localities. They turn out to be a public health problem by obtaining and spreading some diseases and by defecating in open areas. That is one of the primary reasons why governments all across the world spend billions of dollars on animal control programs, counting large-scale euthanasia programs in animal shelters. All of us should act in a responsible way and do what we could to help. Ensuring your dogs spayed or neutered is a civic as well as human responsibility.
Benefits of Spay Surgery
• Neutered female dogs would be free of their hormone-based antagonism, uneasiness, and irritability in the course of heat, for the reason that they would no longer have heat periods.
• Definite forms of infection and tumors would appear less often, and female dogs will cease to entice connected males. Dogs have a very intense sense of smell and can spot females in heat from a long distance.
• Neutered male dogs would no longer wander far and wide for coupling partners, and will not be as involved in marking territory.
• Their urine would be less smelly.
• They will show less apprehensive behavior.
• Neutered dogs will show less hormone-driven anger towards humans and even towards other dogs.
Companion dogs are not envisioned to be breeding animals. It is necessary for female dogs to be sterilized before they experience their first heat period. Both the male as well as female dogs must be castrated well prior to sexual maturity.

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