The Importance of Term Paper Writing in College

Term papers. Don’t you just hate them? What are they even for? Why do students need to write them, as if a student is not busy enough already? How important are they? It’s the exams and the thesis that matter, and term papers – they are just there, just something to pass through, aren’t they? Right? Wrong. The people responsible for putting together your curriculum are not just throwing things in it for the sake of it. There is a reason why term papers are there and they deserve to be treated seriously. Here are some of the reasons why:



Technologies (in the most general sense possible) are developing at a wild pace today. This results in the ambiguity of various specific terms and, especially, abbreviations. This, in turn, gives additional complications to people trying to communicate their messages.


Writing a term paper essay gives you an extra opportunity to practice your communication skills. Since it is only a practice, nothing critical will happen should you make a mistake. So, take it as an opportunity to get a better command of all the special terminology in your field of studies. However, the importance of term paper for your future career cannot be underestimated. After all, it reveals your professionalism in all kinds of situations when you need to communicate – down to a simple email written to a colleague.



Term papers will often have a word (or page) limit, which is why you will often have to shape all that you have to say on a given topic into such a volume that will fit into that limit. This is how you practice being concise and straight to the point. This quality is also valued not only by the professors but also by most of your potential employers.



A term paper is most often an essay where you have to develop logical arguments to support a certain point of view or an opinion. Developing logical arguments is a crucial skill not only for your career, but for all sorts of real life situations – whether you are simply defending your opinion or, say, your bank loan depends on it.



Often, you will not be the one picking a topic for your term paper and often, it may happen to be the kind of topic which you know little to nothing about because you have never been interested in anything of the kind. At first, you may be confused and have no idea what you should write. Eventually, however, you will do research, gather information, explore your thoughts and feelings, and – finally – shape an opinion on the previously unknown topic. After having done that for several times, you will develop a skill of quickly making conclusions and shaping an opinion on something entirely new. It goes without saying that most potential employers value such a quality in their employees a lot.


Students often underestimate the skills that they can potentially develop while writing their term papers. This is because they often imagine their future jobs as such where writing skills will not be required whatsoever. Such assumptions are often wrong, though. Besides, writing those papers gives you the opportunity to develop a certain set of skills that will come handy for work and in general life situations.


As mentioned above, term paper essays are put into your curriculum for a reason; therefore, they should be treated seriously. They are meant to develop you both emotionally and intellectually – so that you can communicate what you have to say with precision and a person you talk to has no choice but to understand and accept your view on things.


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