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web design tools

web design tools

Too many pages and many web design companies in Delhi, but really which one to select? I would rather go for an appealing website which has beautiful designs and layout, easy to use links and fast to refresh page. These things matter a lot to me being an internet freak. Most guys really think the same way as me, but companies could want something extra for their visitors. A user friendly website must have all the ingredients necessary to make it really strike the chord. There are various website makers in India also and one can find a good web design company in Delhi that can add to wonderful site listings.

Here are some points to note that make a website interesting and engaging:

  1. Easy operation sites: Sites that are complex do not garner much support from the visitor than those which are simple that fathom great user satisfaction and comfort. Messy sites end up without being properly seen or just left in the middle. A clean short website can relate its story to the user well.
  2. Overall appearance: While most sites present to us in the same taste, those which stand apart do have something unique about their presence and design. They have original ideas and seem to trigger the taste bud of the viewer. Moreover, a site that copies another lacks credibility and is exposed to vulnerable reviews.

On the creative front, these crucial points can benefit the site owner as well:

  1. Graphic selection: Colorful graphics inject more flavor to the site and often attract more people towards its appealing background. For small children, an education site can offer cartoons and illustrations that bring excitement to a site. Using animatronics and creativity, pictures and charts, more traffic can be drawn to the location page where the designer’s skill becomes relevant.
  2. Tool selection: Streaming audio and visual at its best, visual reality is not new now but there are many new tools that add components to a static document. Prototype Atomic is a tool that requires no coding. Craftmotion makes stunning graphics by use of advanced motion timeline and preview them on any device. Yet Macaw creates fast semantic HTML and concise CSS. Websites can run on mobile and tabs when created on this software and elements can be safely stored in a library for reuse. Many other softwares like Sketch and Pixlr are used enormously. While Sketch is useful CSS export tool, it has a lightweight user interface. Pixlr can be a good substitute to Photoshop considering one pays for Adobe permits. A great thing for simple picture needs, Pixlr has all what Photoshop can offer at a moderately less price.
  3. Transparency: Transparent objects look more vivid in appearance sometimes. Selecting an optimum transparency level for a button can add to the overall appeal of a site.
  4. Style and appearance of printed matter: We find some sites aesthetically carved out of typographical matter in a well attributed display of fonts and textual interface. Right contrast and right transparent effects do wonders to the site.
  5. Retro look: Remember the good old days of the cowboys? Imagine the nostalgia coming alive on your internet screen while you look for the preferred product. Classics die hard and often leave an impression. This mix of old versus new can beat the stereotypes of many websites.
  6. Border designs: A site for handicrafts can bring in rich contrast to its color and theme where even borders of each page can be decorated with lattice type décor and get a flamboyant outlook. Intricacy can bother both results and visits so a light design will also serve the purpose.
  7. Abstract art: Contemporary art does attract our attention and is a wonderful form of expressive freedom. Transitioning from a well manned design to some abstract designs can lend a new voice to the mundane style that we are following even today. Creativity speaks for itself and makes the comeback really easy.

A good web design company can be an excellent option to promote your work. Where creativity allows the design to float in its free mannerism but to create something memorable, hard work still needs to be done. While emulating an idea can be acceptable, but original representation still has many takers!

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