Important Things to Know About International Adoption

International adoption can be an intimidating process, especially if you are not familiar with the adoption process. However, it is a great option as there are millions of children waiting for lovable and caring families.

International adoption is a great commitment; therefore, before you embark on this journey and contact an international adoption agency, here are some things to consider.


You will have to be prepared financially to cover a number of expenses, like adoption fees, legal fees, travel expense, food and lodging for an undetermined duration, and cost of a home study. In addition, translation fees and in-country transportation fee may also include.

Some international adoption agency may require adoptive parents to complete a pre-qualification form to determine that if they will be able to afford the monetary demands associated with an international adoption. However, it is wise to first calculate on your own the total

Fly to the foreign country

In an international adoption, the chances are great that you may require flying to the country you are adopting. You may need spending an undetermined amount of time with your child in an unfamiliar territory. While it may be appealing to some parents, the idea of starting a family in another country may scare to some, especially first-time parents. In such case, you will have to take leave, talk to your employer, and ask your family and friends to take care of your home and bills.

Piles of paperwork

International adoption needs extra piles of paperwork because you are not just dealing with your native country but also another country. There may involve some regulations and paperwork involved in getting clearance in overseas adoption.

You can’t just choose any country for adoption

Not all countries in the world are open for international adoption. There are varieties of reasons for this. Wealthier countries typically try to find a home for their children within their territories. Some countries do not permit international adoption for protecting children and families. There are also a few countries which do not allow international adoption due to political reasons.

In addition, every country has their established rules and requirements for adoptive families, regarding parental age, marital status, health, number of children at home, economical status, etc. As mentioned earlier, many countries also need adoptive parents to travel to pick up the child. Some countries, like Uganda, require fostering the child inside the country for a certain period before you adopt.

Though, the majority of countries have a faster track for parents for adopting children with special needs. It is advisable to go through the rules and regulations of different countries before you start the adoption process.

Decisions to take

You will have to complete a preference checklist during adoption process. For example, whether you want to adopt a boy or girl, or you are open to either. Age range you are willing to adopt from. Open to adopting a sibling group or single child at a time. These preferences may vary according to the rule of different countries.

Make sure that you have done your homework before contacting an international adoption agency.

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