Ingenious Ways to Prepare Your Home for Selling

In today’s thriving real estate market, you are guaranteed almost an instantaneous return on investment if you sold your home. If you gave selling your home any kind of forethought or naturally possessed even the slightest business acumen, you would know that taking advantage of the flourishing real estate market would be in your best interest. However, you also have to consider that although the market is booming, competition is stiff. Just having a house or a condo near Makati is not always going to guarantee you a sale. In fact, you might have even attempted this endeavor before only to fruitlessly close a deal and end up frustrated. Well, the problem is not so much in how you priced your home or where it was placed, but rather in your presentation and execution of the deal. If you are ready to sell your home, have some advance preparation before you list in on the market.

Furthermore, doing some minor touch ups and a few upgrades could do you a world of wonders when it comes to selling it faster, and it gives your prospective buyers a favorable impression as well—possibly landing you that deal.In any case, if you have thought of listing your, homes on the market, take a gander at your home first. Try to observe it through the eyes of a potential buyer and walk through it as if it is your first time. Take notes on what you notice and dislike then repair or replace the same. Apart from that, here are some of the most indispensable tips when it comes to selling your homes:

1.)    Spruce up

You are not going to entertain a guest in a dirty and disorderly house, will you? Similarly, you should not open your homes for viewing to prospective buyers if you have not taken the time to spruce it up yet. After all, you want to leave a lasting impression, and you want that to be a positive one. Ensure that the place is immaculate and spotless by giving it a thorough cleaning. If you cannot find time to dedicate to cleaning, at least hire a professional service to do it for you.

2.)    Pay close attention to smells

On the day of showing, ensure that you do not cook any food that would leave any lasting or lingering smell such as bacon or fried fish. Sure, it would taste great and would most definitely act as stimulants on you and your buyers’ appetite, but you would want your homes to smell like homes and not like fast food restaurants. If you wish to incorporate smells, utilize lavender or citrusy scents instead.

3.)    Organize and get rid of the clutter

Make your prospective buyers appreciate your space by clearing it of the clutter. While you are at that, take time to organize the things in your home as well. If you have any shoes lying around by the entrance, get rid of them and store them elsewhere. Clear out the kitchen counters from any stacks of mail and ensure that you give your homes the subtle veneer of freshness and newness. Execute your reorganization scheme in such a way that your homeowners would be able to envision themselves living in your home and get rid of anything that might detract from your home’s wonderful features.

4.)    Repaint your walls in neutral colors

Sure, red can add a lot of drama to your dining room, but it does not really bode well for selling your home faster. In fact, it might even turn potential buyers off. With this in consideration, it is best to repaint your homes in neutral colors such as whites and tans. This would enable your buyers to focus on the space and not on the distracting and striking color of your walls.

5.)    Keep the decor simple

Art can mean different things to everyone. Much like how everyone has a different taste, what might look beautiful to you might not necessarily hold true for your potential buyers. In this regard, you better get rid of any loud and flamboyant decor items such as zebra printed leather couches or life-sized nude sculptures. Keep it simple and neutral.

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