Innovative Types of Power Banks on the Market

Power banks are growing fast and the reason for that is because they’re portable chargers that can be taken anywhere. Not only that, since we have so many portable devices that we use daily, and they require charging, using a power bank is one of the best charging electronic options. Most of the time we just settle for USB wall chargers and it makes sense as USB wall chargers have powerful charging and most of them use lots of USB charging so we can change lots of devices at once.

With that said, power banks are just a more convenient way of charging that’s able to keep us going without having to stop and wait for charging to happen. With that said, with the increasing popularity of power banks, there are now lots of companies that sell power banks. This has caused there to be lots of innovation to happen in the portable charging space. Here are some of the most useful and innovative types of power banks on the market.

Power banks that have Built-in Cables

When it comes to stationary charging electronics like USB wall chargers or car chargers, most of the time we have a charging cable with them at all times; and if you own a power bank, then you most likely use the charging cable that you use with your stationary charging electronics. However, there can be times that you take your power bank with you when you’re headed out but forget your charging cable. That then leaves you with a useless piece of portable power.

To solve this problem, there are power banks that have built-in cables and by having a built-in cable that you use the most with your device; you basically have a power bank that will always be reliable. Then there are power banks that take it even further than just having a single built-in cable. Some power banks have up to two built-in cables, a USB charging port that you can use any charging cable with and they even have built-in ways that you can recharge the power bank.

Built-in methods of recharging include a power bank using an AC Adapter or a USB cable.

Rugged Power banks

In general, power banks are not tough types of electronics. If you drop just any power bank onto the ground then it’s most likely going to break. With that said, there are certain types of power banks that are able to withstand things that normal ones cannot and they’re called Rugged power banks.

Rugged power banks are chargers that have structural reinforcements and that makes them able to withstand things like drops to the ground and also resistant to water. So along with shockproofing, some power banks can actually go for a swim. With that said, waterproofing isn’t exactly what it sounds like. That’s because a power bank is only waterproof when it’s not in use and its USB charging ports are covered by a covering. However, different Rugged power banks have different Enclosure levels, which means different ones can withstand different exposures of water.

Power Banks that have High Power Capacities

Power banks with high power capacities are among the most useful. The reason for that is because they have power capacities within the 20,000mAh to 30,000mAh range. According to Charger Harbor, these types of power banks are able to charge devices such as smartphones and tablets to full power. Another great thing about a high power capacity is the usage of Multiple USB charging ports, as you’re able to charge many devices at once.

These types of chargers also feature special charging techs such as Quick Charge and USB-C that’s able to charge compatible devices at max charging speeds.

With all that said, these types of power banks are sill not used as much as low capacity ones. The reason for that is because they have to use many large batteries to have a high power capacity. Ultimately, that results in the power bank being large and heavy.

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