Instant Search App: Help People Find What They Want in Faster Manner

Do you remember; when the internet was not there you basically had nothing to search for nearby shopping malls, restaurants, movies shows and other options? Today, you can do a search through the app, and it hardly takes one or two minutes to find options from your nearby location. With the evolution of instant search apps, online shopping & purchasing items have become an easy task for people. These apps work just like a search engine where you can put a keyword to search for desired places & things.

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Details of Top Rated Search App – CLICKLESS™


It is completely a unique app introduced by a Kuwaiti state of the art project that will help you find what you’re looking for in fewer clicks. The app is available for download for free on the Google Play Store, and you can access this app from anywhere & anytime. Not only you can find nearby shopping malls, but you can also take advantage of the latest offers, discounts, and search for many other things with a high rate of accuracy.


You can also choose your destination before you start searching for your favorite shopping malls just by selecting your country. The app is available to users based in India, United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Egypt, and the State of Kuwait. When you look for shopping malls using Finder app, you can also see shopping mall reviews before going to it.

•    Search nearby brands, companies, restaurants and services
•    Discover local businesses
•    Get directions and navigate to your interests within the application
•    Filter search results by location and category
•    Find great Deals offered by your favorite brands or companies
•    Look up for addresses, phone numbers or call a business from the app
•    Receive alerts on brand and company offers, upcoming events, movies and much more
•    Auto detects your current location with the help of GPS
•    Advertise with us and get listed in the app
•    Contact us via phone, E-Mail or SMS
•    Multi-lingual support

In addition to the significance of finder apps, you could take out benefits of currency converter, advertising, offers, and auto detection services. There are many apps out there on the Google Play Store, who offer exciting options, and they all do pretty much the same thing.
Wrap Up
In addition to providing standard business information, a majority of people search for nearby malls, restaurants, movies and much more. These apps also give you an opportunity to advertise short description of your business, giving you an excellent opportunity to brand yourself online.



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