INTERNET PACE: How Your Web-Speed Can Affect SEO

Nowadays, in the era of digital information and new media, businesses find themselves in a predicament: how to position themselves in the inner workings of the Internet in order to be relevant and appealing to the majority of the market that finds itself entangled in the World Wide Web. Though nowadays it is easy to create a website and put it up on the Internet, the challenge lies in actually getting people to visit the website, and with it, be aware of your company. As we all know, awareness is the first step towards establishing rapport with potential clients and customers. Awareness, though, can only be achieved if Internet users can actually find the website in the first place.
Web-Speed Can Affect SEO

Because of the millions upon millions of content that can be accessed on the Internet, it may prove to be difficult for a singular company stands out, let alone make a better impression than the others. Competitors, especially, make this even harder to do, since each will be striving to stand out and be on top. Fortunately, there is a solution to this corporate dilemma, and that lies in SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, employs a methodological system of techniques, tactics, and strategies that are used to increase the number of visitors to a particular website. This is made possible by acquiring a high-ranking placement or position in the search results page (SERP) of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, among others.

Of course, some companies may be able to integrate SEO into their business and marketing strategies, but one could not help but take note of the possible risks involved, especially for a first-time. Most companies would want to just hire someone else or some other company to do the work for them—as with other business-related actions, not just SEO. Thus, the emergence and presence of SEO companies which have taken it upon themselves to deal with the ever-changing sphere of SEO, and the various challenges that come with it, in order to provide good service to the companies they are catering to.

SEO setting

Though a number of SEO companies are already well-established abroad, there are but a few legitimate and trustworthy ones here in the Philippines. The few established and legitimate companies have—for years—been striving to incorporate SEO Philippines into the mindsets of Philippine-based companies and brands.

Rising challenges and opportunities

One challenge that stands in the way of SEO companies—especially here in the Philippines—is web speed, and this is probably among the reasons why some companies find it difficult to expand so much on creating digital footprints when based here in the Philippines. This is because the country is ranked among those of the slowest Internet connections speeds in the whole world. Why is this relevant, though? That is because web speed is of great importance when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. As mentioned previously, SEO uses the search queries from Internet users, metadata and web analytics in order to increase traffic flow towards a particular website, and increase Click-Through Rates (CTR). All these processes make use of the inner workings of Internet coding and analyses, thus, requiring a web speed that would be able to cope up with the various processes simultaneously.

Another reason why web speed can have an impact on SEO, especially SEO Philippines, is that it can be used as a determinant for how websites should be developed. For Philippine-based companies that are targeting the Philippine market as well, it should be taken into consideration how most Filipino consumers only have access to the Internet with slow web speeds. Therefore, companies should design their websites to be easily and readily accessible even with limited connectivity to the Internet (e.g. connection using only data). This aids Search Engine Optimizers and will also allow more traffic to the website since more Internet users can access it.

A fast and steady Internet is what everyone that engages in activities in the World Wide Web need—especially for businesses that wish to expand through the use of the digital technology and new media. Unfortunately, fast and steady Internet is not always available everywhere, especially in the Philippines, so SEO companies would have to make do with what is available and hopefully would still be able to offer good optimization to their clients.

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