Items You Must Never Carry in Your Wallet

Here is a list of items you should possibly leave at home, or carry anywhere else rather than in your artwork wallet.

Keeping some items in your wallet as one means of convenience is sometimes quite tempting, or it appears logical. But the majority of the time, some items are truly less than safe. It is such items that you must avoid at all costs. Avoid loss, theft and damage and prioritize daily carry whether going for a night out or at work. Here is a list of items you should possibly leave at home, or carry anywhere else rather than in your artwork wallet.


Even though only a few people use checks nowadays, if you are among them, chances are it’s for a particular reason. Most of the time, such reasons involve a lot of money. The best thing is to leave such large checks at home. You should always take them straight to the bank without hesitation when you do need to cash them.

Debit and credit cards (too many)

You probably know how it feels to cram your wallet with as many debit or credit cards as possible, only to use just one option day in, day out. If you use just one or two cards, even though you own many, leave the remaining ones at home. This not only safeguards them from thieves, but also drastically slims down your wallet. How much just one extra card adds to your wallet’s size will truly surprise you.

Huge sums of cash

Sometimes, going everywhere with a fat stack in your artwork wallet feels truly good. But it is recommended that you shouldn’t carry more than $30 to $50 on you at any particular time. Though the research is not official, it’s said that about 1000 wallets and purses get stolen every 2 minutes in some countries. This equals about 300,000 stolen wallets and purses annually. You might feel it won’t happen to you, but should it happen, you will thank the heavens for the $500 cash that’s not in your wallet but kept safe at home.


Condom manufacturers have already answered this one by recommending that condoms should be stored in a dry place that is cool. Your wallet certainly does not qualify as it soaks up a lot of your natural body heat. Wallets are truly tight too – that’s what most people say. The continuous action of opening and closing the wallet does bring extra wear and tear to any condoms you might have inside it. This is certainly not the best for an item you use for safety and surety.


Your passport opens the doors to several shades of theft. Even though you could need it on some occasions, ensure it’s safe and remember its whereabouts at all times. It could be truly disastrous to lose your passport. So, it’s among the items that don’t belong inside your wallet, more so when you are abroad.

Although unlike your unique passport holder, wallets are spacious enough to carry some vital items around. But those listed here are not among such items. These are better left at home or kept anywhere else.

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