Jhas understood family importance: They live together now

Ashish Jha works in an MNC in Mumbai and lives in a flat while his parents live in Patna. He pursued his MBA degree from Indian Institute of Business Management. After his graduation he worked really hard to get admission in the institute. His hard works lead him to this prestigious institute and his parents were really proud of him. He just wanted to be successful. His business mind made him grab this job in MNC. His parents were happy for him but they didn’t want him to leave them alone in Patna. They wanted him to work in Patna but he had bigger dreams which only a big city like Mumbai could fulfill. He took his parent’s blessings and left for the city of dreams to realize his dreams.Meanwhile in Patna, call it old age problem or depression; his father suffered a heart attack. This news shattered Ashish into pieces. He was completely broken. He left for Patna via next flight. He felt like he was the person responsible for his father’s ill health. He hugged his father and wept. He apologized for leaving him alone. He told his mother that he would shift in Patna and would stay with them. Knowing that her son has worked really hard to become what he is today, she negated and opposed his decision. He asked her to come to Mumbai and she affirmed.

They had a lot of stuff to transport like furniture, T.V., fridge etc. as he didn’t had enough furniture and other stuffs for three people in his flat. After his father’s health improved he started looking to move from Patna. He saw a flyer of APM Packers and Movers relocation services and dialed the given number. A pleasant voice greeted him and he asked to fix a meeting with executive the next day. At the meeting their team explained their work process and respective charges which were super affordable. And they assured him of safe and timely delivery. He took their offer. They arrived the next day with a big truck. Those people seemed well trained and highly experienced professionals. They quickly prepared the list of the items and began packing the stuff. The packing seemed neat and professional. After packing they piled up the stuff in one room. Then they loaded them on the truck smoothly and swiftly. They took the Mumbai address from Ashish and sped towards the destination.

On reaching Mumbai, Ashish learned that everything reached safely and no damage was done. They unloaded the stuff and arranged them in appropriate places. The shifting was done and everything was done without any hassle. Ashish thanked APM India for their safe and timely delivery. He also thanked himself for hiring the best packers and movers in Patna. Now Ashish is living happily with his parents and his father’s responding well to the medical treatment. Ashish’s mother wants him to get married and give her a beautiful daughter in law.


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