Joomla Hosting: Things You Need To Consider



Joomla is an open source CMS platform that helps organizations to create a robust website for their business. Let’s take a peep at some fascinating information. (Source: LinkedIn)

  • Right after WordPress, Joomla is the used CMS on the Internet.
  • Joomla downloads go beyond 50 million as of February 2014.

Here are some interesting facts about Joomla!


  • Joomla-factsOver 656,500 registered users on the Official Joomla! community site forum, over 2,953,275 posts, and more on the many international community sites.
  • 2642 Projects on the JoomlaCode ( ). All for open source addons by third party developers.
  • 8588+ extensions for Joomla! registered on the Extension site (
  • exceeds 2 TB of traffic per month!
  • Alexa report [November 2014]: at #665 of the busiest websites in the world.


If you have decided to choose Joomla CMS for your website, then you need to choose a hosting provider that offers Joomla hosting.

This post reveals crucial information about Joomla hosting that you should know. Read on!

Check Joomla Compatibility

If you want to host your Joomla website, make sure your hosting provider support Joomla software. So, before choosing a hosting company, do check whether they provide options for Joomla hosting. Further, also check whether they provide server equipped with the latest version.

Install Joomla

Once you know your hosting provider support Joomla software, the next step is to install Joomla software on your account. Choose a web hosting company that provides one-click installation to make Joomla hosting easier for you. Today, various hosts have configured their server to offer quick Joomla installation.

Fast Joomla Web Hosting

As search engine giant Google has announced that page speed will be treated as a ranking factor, it is better to go for a web hosting company that offers fast Joomla hosting. If a site loads faster, it provides better user experience. So, go for a web hosting company that makes your site load faster so that your online visitors love to revisit your site again.

Multiple Database Support

Joomla is a database driven CMS. Go for a web hosting provider that offers more than one database choice. With the passage of time, when your site gets more popular, you will need to switch to another database. Experts recommend choosing a Joomla hosting plan that consists of multiple databases to have adequate space to run your Joomla site.

Good Customer Service

Good customer service is another crucial aspect of choosing a reliable Joomla hosting provider. Go for a company that offers active customer support through multiple channels to ensure a smooth running of your Joomla site.


Joomla is without a doubt is a right choice for everyone. However, there is no shortage of people who do not know enough about its hosting. Well, they can follow the points as mentioned above to understand crucial things about Joomla hosting.

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