The Joy of Train Journeys with Friends!

Train Journeys

It is a convenience to travel by air and shorten the travelling journeys, but air travel does not give the same joy as a train travel with friends would give. Yeah, it’s more comfortable to travel by air where you have air hostesses to serve you food and drinks, but the charm of train travel is totally different and can give you more memories.

Some of the best travel memories are made when you are travelling in a train. Let us have a look at some –

Late Night Gossip Sessions

Trains provide the comfort of being able to sleep completely and easily, but when with friends, we never seem to sleep in a train unless we are extremely tired. We always seem to sit up late into the night talking about anything and everything. Usually, when friends are around, we start talking about all the latest gossip and happenings in each other’s lives and lives of other friends who we all know! Sometimes, we get to know some shocking yet funny news about people!

All the Food

Trains make us lose track of time and we all have the habit of eating snacks while travelling. You can always see people buying a few packets of chips or other crispy snacks just before getting on a train. To add to this, there are literally hundreds of vendors who are selling food items that will entice anyone to buy something. This is all part of the food in train traditions.

Apart from the snacks, at many stops there are food vendors who sell delicious food as well. They often come into the train and deliver the food of different varieties.

The sad part about the food traditions in trains is that people tend to throw away a lot of food uneaten and also throw things such as wrappers and other garbage in the trains itself. This is something that needs to change.

The Games

Games are especially popular when there are close friends together. A lot of running up and down the bogeys happens to be something that all of us do. This might create a nuisance for the other passengers, but everyone on a train expects to get disturbed at some point or the other. But the memories made while doing this are absolutely priceless.

Some other practices we have fun with is getting down the train and catching it as it starts to move. This is something a lot of people do but should not be done as it can cause accidents which can be serious. Even the train authorities often scold people who do this, and they have the ability to slap fines also. But these can add to some everlasting memories.

So, we just went down memory lane and saw how fun a train journey can be when with friends. Were you able to relate to all the memories you have had? Surely, you would have. So, go on and have fun on your next train journey and make amazing memories!

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