Why Kids Hide Things From Their Parents?


If parents had their way, they would have their kids hide nothing at all from them. If kids have their way, they would even love to tell them about how many times they used the restroom at school until they are like eight years old, but after that they would  rather hide everything that they want, do or think about until they are like parents themselves, whereupon this cycle starts all over again. It is then that such parents are able to think about what they did to their own parents and finally get a taste of their own medicine. This is when they are finally able to learn how badly it sucks when they see their children lie to them. At this point, even if they know for a fact that their children are lying to them, they also know that there is nothing they can actually do about it. It is then that they wish they knew what they could do to find out exactly what are their children hiding from them and what is it all about.

Fortunately, we have just the thing that they need.

Why Children Actually Hide Things From Their Parents?

While it sucks pretty badly for a parent to learn that their child is hiding things from them. But, if it helps the matter in any way, be assured that more often than not, when children lie to their parents, they do it out of love and selflessness, rather than malicious reason. They want;


  • Their Parents To Be Proud Of Them

Remember how proud you were when you learned that your child had earned a blue ribbon at the science fair or stood first in class or made it onto the honor roll. A child tends to cherish those moments when their parents are proud of them, of their achievements and appreciate how hard they have worked or had done the things that they had to be exactly where they are right now.

Now, these very children, the ones that love how their parents are proud of them and would hate to disappoint their parents under any circumstances, are the ones that lie to the most to their parents, not because they want to dupe them or have some ulterior motives, because they don’t want to disappoint their parents with their bad grades, or that they have failed a test.

  • To Not Be Disappointed Them

Underage drinking and smoking is a rite of passage of sort in your teens’ life. They would go over to parties at their friend’s place where underage drinking goes on in full force, but when they could get home, they would never tell their parents about it so they would not be disappointed about them and what they had done.

  •  To Protect Them Fiercely

Danger lurks in every single corner and a child, any child never wants a father and a mother that protects them fiercely. At such times where parents are absent from their child’s life or if the child knows how badly a parent would blame themselves if the child comes to harm in any way. They would blame themselves to such a point that a child cannot stand it. Thus, even a child had been abused, physically or sexually by a stranger or a family member or friend, they would hide it from their parents although it may not be in their best interest.

Bottom Line

It is during such times, the only thing you can do is follow your child wherever he or she may go. While this may not be practical, this may be the only thing you can do to see what your child is hiding from you and why.

On the other hand, if your child’s well being more important to you than your child’s privacy and what to keep them from making questionable choices in life, then the thing you should do to know every single detail about their life, small or big, you should consider investing in parental monitoring applications. Through these apps, you can not only monitor their real-time location at any given time and also monitor what they are doing and who they are with at any given time. You can also monitor the things they have been doing online and also see the sort of conversations they have with their friends over texts and calls. Be a responsible parent and do your part right, eliminating everything that may have your child hide things from you.

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