Know Everything about Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are basically medallions, medals and any special type of coins that are used by various companies to represent the symbol and insignia of their organization. Challenge coins were first introduced during the World War I and military personnel used to wear them during the war. These are special types of medals that were given to the military personnel. Have a look at this article to know more about the custom challenge coins




Custom coins are considered as an amazing giveaway for any kind of events and occasions. These coins are crafted with beautiful patterns and designs to give an attractive look to the coins. It can be used for the advertising and endorsements purpose as you can be easily customized with their company’s logo and name.

These coins can be made in the shape of key chains, bottle openers, ball markers, large medallions, custom medals and different other types of custom metal products.

Challenge coins can be easily customized according to the needs and preferences.  You can have small picture or symbol of your organization engraved on these coins. These coins basically bring the message that you want to convey to the users.

Different types of metals such as gold and silver for customized coins but you can also choose the metal of the coins according to your choice and needs. Custom coins are basically manufactured as die struck brass or die cast zinc alloy.

The popularity of these coins is growing day by day. In fact, many of the private organizations give these coins to employees to show their belonging to the organization. The army, navy and air force department of the USA have also crafted their own customized coins to demonstrate what department they belong to.

People are even using these coins as wedding gifts. These gifts are regarded as a beautiful gift that you can give to the special person to demonstrate your love and compassion to your soul mate. These coins are even not very expensive and can be given as an expression of love to someone special.

Final Word

So if you are planning to buy custom coins then do not forget to check out different websites to buy these coins at reasonable rates.


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