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While most of us would have often heard about the term “SSL Certificate” nonetheless very few of us know what it is or how it works. Moreover, very few of us know what an SSL Certificate is, it’s pretty evident that they may not be aware of its significance or criticality in the world of systems and internet.

Explicitly termed as Secure Socket Layer Protocol Certificate, SSL certificate was industrialized by Netscape to improve security factor to the transactions amid browsers as well as web servers. The protocol makes use of a third party, a Certificate Authority to recognize transactions at both the ends or if it’s difficult to comprehend that way, in layman’s language SSL Certificate for an internet site is like a Passport or a Driver’s License that is allotted by a trusted source recognized as Certificate Authority.


To canvas the rudimentary understanding of an SSL Certificate with the help of a real world instance, let’s imagine somebody sending mail over a regular postal system in a wrapper. Since it has no security issue, anybody with access to that wrapper can easily recover its contents, and if it looks valued, they may even take custody of it or make alterations to it. To keep it short, a SSL Certificate is something that encodes virtual transactions or any interchange of data on the internet, therefore, making it totally secure.

Types of SSL Certificates

Since there are numerous types of SSL Certificates, not all of them are similar if associated with each other. When it comes to SSL fortification on any website, it is crucial to consider what kind of certificate you get. Since it’s a safety application, it fundamentally serves two central purposes.

  • Identifying your Commercial website
  • Encrypting the complex information that your site contains
  • SSL Certificates have the different pricing structure, and the cost depends on the kind of certificate you use.

Listed below are key types of SSL certificates along with their features:

Dedicated SSL Certificates

These types of certificates are explicitly assigned to the website’s particular domain name. So devoted SSL certificates often necessitate unique domain names as well as cannot be shared with numerous domain names, not even subdomains. These kinds of Certificates are typically most expensive.

Shared SSL Certificates

As the name itself recommends, shared SSL Certificates are the ones that could be shared with others contrasting dedicated SSL Certificates. What that means is that you can use somebody else’s SSL Certificate for your very own website, but the disadvantage is that the name on the documentation would not match yours however it will reflect the name of the actual owner of that certificate. Most prominently during the changeover of website amid web servers and hosts, this kind of SSL encryption cannot be cast off. These types of SSL Certificates are mostly offered by most of the e-commerce web hosts making things relatively easy and all-inclusive.

Free SSL Certificates

Here the word ”free” doesn’t mean that it comes at absolutely no price, but then again these are the certificates wherein the cost is far less than compared to above three kinds of SSL Certificates. There are a lot of companies offering these types of documents but then again the level of encryption they have are not same as the waged ones, and therefore it’s imperative to reflect getting this sort of protection from a trustworthy organization.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

These kinds of Certificates are mainly cast-off for websites having sub domains certifying the complete fortification of all the subdomains. Wildcard SSL security authorizes fortification of different facets of a Web portal with an SSL Certificate.

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