Knowing and Understanding your Tools

There is a variety of tools in the market that people are either not aware of or do not know how to use them. Faced with situations that require the use of such tools, they may end up being stuck and even look for help. Getting help comes with additional cost and time is wasted too by not getting timely solution to your problem. Having the right tool and knowing how to use is it, is half way to solving your problem (as they say half the battle won). Think of a scenario where you spend a lot of time and resources looking for a solution that is just a tool away.

We use screws daily in our lives to fasten objects and sometimes we may be caught up in a situation where the screw is broken or seized and you need to remove it. The question is which is the best tool to use? At this point one need to use a screw extracting tool. This tool comes in handy to extract or remove the broken screw. There are two types one spiral fluted screw, which is coarse headed, tapered with a reversed head. Two straight fluted screws that are better in the sense that they do not have a wedging effect (locking screws into place) like the tapered screw extractors. How to use the tool depends on how far the screw broke below the surface it was threaded on and at some point, one will need to drill the surface in order to fit the extractor. Turn the tool counter clockwise to get the screw out.

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