Kundan Jhumkas, Stone Jhumkas = A Poetical Paradise

Indian traditional jewelry is incomplete without Kundan ornaments. It is simply an eccentric fusion of gold and stones. Stones having essence of gold foil around and in between – this is striking and arresting look of Kundan jewelry. Molten gold of highly polished and purified form is what Kundan actually means.

Jaipuri or Bikaneri jewelry are other names for Kundan jewelry. It is having a great history – having its roots in Delhi during the time of Mughals. That time, only royal and majestic classes used to adorn themselves with Kundan jewelry. Later all Kundan artists moved to Rajasthan, and after that this state got the name of preparing the supreme quality Kundan jewelry.

A gorgeous neck-piece and a perfect pair of Kundan jewelry is all what you want to give yourself a queen look. After all, in ancient times, all majestic ladies in Indian royal courts used to beautify their glory by wearing these Kundan jewelry pieces only!

Today’s women are following the same path by giving them this traditional and ancient touch, especially during big occasions and festivals. Few are not eager to carry this heavy stone-studded jewelry around their neck, so only a pair of drop earrings/ jhumkas can magically work for them. The royal look and the richness that it will bring to a women’s look is simply beyond words.

Jhumkas with Kundan stones captured inside silver are also new there. They are very much in trend so that it even fits into the pockets of those who can’t bear the cost of gold. These silver Kundan jhumkas uses silver as the core base.

Along with these Kundan pearl jhumka, one more is quite a craze these days. It’s stone jhumkas. These are prepared from precious gems or mineral crystals or even with certain rocks as well. These come under the category of luxury art forms, exactly like the Kundan jewelry. Stones like – Spanish emerald, sapphire, ruby, moss agate, turquoise, and jasper to name a few.

Unlike Kundan jhumkas, they will be of a single color in most of the cases. So a lady can wear these jhumkas with a western outfit as well. The luster of that gem can automatically bring brightness on the face of the one carrying it.

To your very much surprise, even Kundan fabrics are also new in market these days. Fully Kundan worked sarees is meant to give a woman an immensely beautiful look which no other outfit or jewelry can give!

Don’t stick yourself to the simple and boring golden or metal jewelry! Give a try on this beautiful and adorable piece of Kundan jewelry, especially Kundan jhumkas that can easily and magically highlights you among the regular crowd!!

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