Lawmaker’s state Airbnb to be Alarmingly Cramped

People are opting for short term rentals to throw parties to their near and dear ones. This has led to a lot of consequences and transgression of the law. The lawsuit has set the rules for, the number of people allowed to stay in a lounge. They are breaching the city and county housing codes and creating turbulences to the neighborhood.Most of them want the regulations to be regulated throughout the states and cities. The safety and security of the people have been tarnished and defamed. If the regulations are applied, it will allow us to keep the commercial operatives at bay. The retail marketers are trending with the hosting of illegal Airbnb housings and it is leading to damage of properties.

The cost of living is increasing and people are trying to make more money to cope up with it. It is a proven fact that, it is a hard to find a place to live in New York City with minimal cost. It is fair enough to host our houses on the website and earn some extra money through it. But, setting up our beddings in irrelevant places of our house and hosting it, is not fair enough.

Packing travelers into our houses to bring in more accommodations is hazardous. The beddings for the guests are meant to be in specific rooms and not set up in a complete mess. When a guest wants to feel at home, they want a spacious a comfortable place to stay. The hosts misinterpret the requests of the guests and end up confining them to a small space.

It is not a good way to treat a guest, who has come to have a good stay and spend some quality time. A home is always the safest haven for any human being; it feels heavenly when it is just as perfect as it is. We have a few expectations for the place to be neat, clean and segregated. When we reach the place and find out that, it is not the way we expected it to be, it is decisive.

The house owners are stashing away the extra eiderdowns in their galleys and laundry. Airbnb has received complaints from the guests who had their reservation to be of this sort. The people in the neighborhood who are not aware of anything about short term rentals are affected. They see few hundreds of strangers walking into a small neighborhood and end up making the locals feel unsafe.

Meanwhile, the company has helped the owners earn more and pay their bills and medical expenses. There is altogether another side of the coin which people ignore to see, the cleaning. In most cases, people leave the place in a complete mess and we need to clean it all up. Just imagine you hire someone to get it cleaned, so what matters is, is your income balanced?

The hosts do charge their guests for cleaning and maintenance, which is not enlisted on the site. They maybe a few guests who naturally keep the place clean and they are a few who are opposites of them. When the guests come to stay, but end up throwing parties, play loud music and turn the whole place upside down.

Affordable housing is becoming scarce and short term rentals are high, presently. People are renting out their houses on Airbnb on the Fenton Avenue as a partying lounge, which has created havoc in the surroundings. The public from the neighborhood is not happy with this kind of approach.

Protests were held by the commoners of the locality to stop this short term rental business. They wanted the house owners to stop hosting their houses as partying clubs. The folks from the ghettos were able to spot people partying around with loud music, exotic dancers and drinking alcohol. Strangers were creating an utter nuisance, which has made the fellow humans lose their serenity and truce.

In New York City short term rentals are illegal for less than 30 days without a city permit and people still continue to rent them out. The house owners who want to rent out their properties for short term want it to be legalized. If short term rentals are legalized, will it reduce the impact of the havoc created by the travelers? The accommodations listed on the website are sometimes really scaring.

This has caught the attention of the lawmakers and they have decided to bring in strict regulations. They want to reduce the potential risks and threats that the guests may face due to these listings. Airbnb has set standards and has brought down the listings which were not favorable. The listings are suspended from its side, but what about the other sites, where it still exists.

Almost one third of the listings available, on the website are by the commercial operatives. They are physically not available at the location, there houses are listed and people take it. The genuine house owners have to take a stand and create a hospitable environment for the tourists. No traveler would like to run into a place where there is no safety or security.

In the recent past of Airbnb, it has almost removed 2,500 listings approximately in NYC which was illegal. The company is making all kinds of efforts to follow the regulations enforced by the law. This has helped people to host their houses with a government permit and pay the accommodation taxes for short term rentals.

It has stated that, it is not going to affect the normal housing stock in the city. This service is specifically for the people who are travelling from time to time. They want people to stay at a home in a different city and feel like a locale. It is a fact that it has given a tough competition to the conventional hoteliers. But, it strongly denies that it has affected the housing stock of the people who lease out their houses for more than a month.

If the properties listed out on the site are not primary homes and belong to the long term rental market. Those listings are removed or suspended from the website and made unavailable. They are aiming at removing multiple hosting made by one single host. It is also removing entire home listings, as guests are cramming the entire place. Their right now focus is on people who just have one primary home and only one listing.

On an average, the number of listings available for short term rentals is just 43 nights per year. On the whole if we look deep into the facts and figures, it is just 0.1 to 1 percent of the whole housings available in NYC. Thus, this company has not become a big threat to the long term rental owners. But, on the other side, it has been a threat to people who walk into houses with no safety.

Airbnb has to change the way it is approaching the masses with its service. Before approving a listing on the website, there are certain factors which it has to consider. The first thing is to do a complete background check on the person, apart from an authentic government ID proof. It has to check the neighborhood of the listing, whether it is safe for the traveler. Whether the listing provided is by the house owner and not some property manager.

It has taken an initiative to disapprove the listing which is irrelevant and not up to the standards. It is working on to bring a friendly and safe neighborhood for the general public. They have let go off these small number of listings which are illegal and not law abiding. A ray of hope lingers in these business heads that they will be able to bring in legal and safe listings, fingers crossed.

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