Leaked Android Nougat Nokia Phones with 2k Display and 22.6 MP Camera



Yes, Nokia is back and everybody is excited regarding it. It’ll be like experience your reminiscences. Similar to with the other highly-anticipated phone or gadget, there are rumours and leaks relating to Nokia phones too. The notable recent ones show poly-carbonate shells on the phones and also the style looks quite just like what we have already seen on the Nokia N1 tablet last year. It is not sized as tablets although.


According to Gizmochina the phones are going to be flagship-class devices and can be factory-made by HMD Global which will continue making Nokia phones for subsequent ten years per the contract.


Both the phones, that the recent leaks shows can most likely to have 5.2 inch and 5.5 inch OLED displays with QHD resolution. It is expected that Both the phones will have a Snapdragon 820 SoC and can be joined by Nokia’s Z-Launcher running on Android Nougat; but also there has been news about one of the phones has snapdragon 821 SoC running on it .


With news of Android N’s Final Version which will enter the market in October, it’s estimated that Nokia might enter the sector when the Nexus Device for 2016. The phones area unit needed to display a 22.6 MP rear camera alongside IP68 certification. The phones might be cost you around Rs. 30,000. It is important to remember that the previous leaks had uncovered that the planned Nokia phone will have icing on the cake with huge 22.6MP primary camera, maybe this ought to be for the bigger version and will bear a price tag drifting around 3000 yuan ($500).

Presently in the phone market, an SD 820 flagship with 2K display, all-metal body and IP68 waterproof and dust proof technology, assigning a 3,000 yuan ($500) price tag will be considered reasonably priced.

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