Learn 5 Things To Factor Into Your Choice Of Wedding Photographer

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Picking out the wedding photographer for your ceremony is either one of the most important decisions or the actual utmost essential decision you’ll have to make in planning your wedding. Either way, it’s very stressful. Choosing the right photographer doesn’t just matter for your the actual wedding day, but also for the future, as your photographer is the person responsible for capturing the magic and memories that you and others are going to look back on for months, years, and hopefully, decades to come. Brides and grooms alike will often focus on particular photographers just because of a certain style or look, but given how much of an investment wedding photography can be, there’s more to your choice involved than just the aesthetics.

If you’d like to know five things you need to factor into your decision-making process, then keep reading to learn what they are.

1) How High Of A Priority Is The Wedding Photography?

Figure out how high of a priority the photography is to you, and then align your budget accordingly. It’s a good idea to make it one of your top three items. Many wedding photographers report that the biggest regret they hear from those already married is that they didn’t spend more on their photography, as in not prioritizing it enough in their wedding budget. The investment pays dividends that come back over time. Other than your attire and wedding rings, the photography is likely to be the one thing you have left from your wedding day.

2) Meet Prospective Photographers In Person:

Other than your wedding planner, the photographer is the one professional you’ll spend more time with than anyone. It’s a good idea to get to know them the best you can and learn how they communicate, because any chemistry you develop with your photographer, good or bad, is going to resonate in your photos.

3) Ask About Seeing A Full Gallery

Any photographer that’s serious will have a sample gallery of their work, and you should look it over. However, ask about seeing a full gallery, rather than a curated one that makes them look better than they are. An experienced photographer might even have examples from previous times they shot the venue you’re getting married at, and you certainly want to pay attention to those, If they don’t ask about any examples they might have from similar lighting scenarios or settings. No matter how much you interview them or like them, you’re only going to truly know what you’re getting if you see their full gallery. Once you get to do this, you learn how they get ready, shoot the details, cover the ceremony and reception, and even how they handle the exit. All this paints a realistic picture about what you can expect.

4) Do Details Matter That Much?

Life is all about the details. Details are what make things pretty, and they often have an intriguing or at least entertaining story behind them. Given that, a number of photographers specialize in their styling, whereas others dedicate enough time to getting all the details just right. Others might photograph particular details that you request, but they might not style them in editorial ways since they spend more of their time capturing moments instead of details. Neither method is better than the other, but if one matters to you more than the other, see it in the photographer’s gallery to make sure their styling aligns with your own vision.

5) Timeline Management

Getting a wedding photographer that is able to work spontaneously with a good attitude is sometimes just as crucial as the caliber of the photos they take. What will it matter what their level of skill is in perfect situations if your wedding day goes awry at all? People might run late, you might have a last-minute change of venue, and especially for outdoor weddings, weather conditions can change things quickly.

Based on your personal preferences, your wedding photographer should be one of the top three investments you make for your wedding day. It’s a big choice to make. Use these 5 considerations to find the right one.

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