Should you Learn Muay Thai as Part of Group Training?

If you are thinking about learning Muay Thai, then doing it as a group is probably the best idea for you.

If you have been thinking about taking some Muay Thai classes, then you one thing that you should probably be aware about is that it is not going to be easy. In fact, it is going to be tough and if it is not tough enough for you then you are at the wrong place to begin with. The thing about learning something new is that you need to go through a growth process and this process is not usually fun to start with. The thing is that if you persist and stick to your initial goals, you will be very proud of yourself and you will have set a template that you can use to achieve even better things in the future. With all this in mind, one of the best ways that you can certainly learn to become a better Muay Thai fighter in the most fun way possible as well as in the most motivationally inspiring way is to be a part of a group. Doing group training is by far the best way to get things done if you do not yet have the discipline or the right amount of motivation to achieve your goals at the gym. Below are some of the things that should help you make the decision to choose group Muay Thai sessions.

When learning Muay Thai at a Bondi gym for instance, you will find that there are different people at different skill levels. The fact that you can find different people at different skill levels means that you will be better than some and some will be better than you are. This in itself is motivating for the following reasons. Say for example, you have gone through a spurring session and you have had your behind kicked. If you know that there is someone else in the group that you can defeat and that there is someone else in the group that can probably defeat the person that defeated you, then you will come to the realisation that here is always something to work for. You can be happy that you are not the worst when you need that boost of confidence and you can also get the motivation to get better when you are trying to improve.

When doing Muay Thai training, one of the things that will allow you to learn faster is learning from others around you as much as you learn from your teacher or instructor. If you take the example of a class of around 6 people, all of different backgrounds and different motivations and interests, there is definitely a different way that they absorb information from the things that they learn. In essence, some will be able to absorb some things about Muay Thai culture that you could easily learn from them about, while someone else will have some good weight lifting technique that will give you the gains that you are after.

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