Liberty Stethoscopes from Paragon Care

One of the most recognisable medical accessories in Australia is the stethoscope. First invented in the 1800s, this device is still in wide use across the medical profession. Paragon Care has a wonderful range of stethoscopes from industry-leader Liberty Health Care. Of course, with such a vast array of options, it can be hard to determine what might be right for you. We’ve outlined a few options for you to choose from moving forwards.

Cardiology Ultrasharp

If you’re looking for the best in stethoscopes, look no further than the Cardiology Ultrasharp. With a clean and efficiently ergonomic design for enhanced usability and a special Zinc Alloy chest piece for maximum sound receptivity, this really is the best on the market.

Classic Tunable

For something more traditional, consider the Classic Tunable. Featuring a high performance stainless steel chest piece with an innovative pressure-sensitive diaphragm and advanced ear tip mechanism, this is an excellent choice for any doctor.

Luxury Dual Head

With an exceptional two-sided chest piece, the Luxury Dual Head stethoscope offers outstanding acoustic performance. Coming in a range of eight distinctive PVC tubing colours for departmental coding or simply personal preference, this is a remarkably economical unit suitable for a range of professionals.

Sprague Rappaport

If you need a multifunction stethoscope, why not consider the Sprague Rappaport? With five different chest piece attachments, this device is highly beneficial for identifying a range of issues associated with both the heart and lungs in infants, children and adults. Coming with an accessory kit featuring spare diaphragms, bells and ear tips, this is an incredibly functional stethoscope.

Classic Pediatric

The same as the Classic but simply with a smaller chest piece for children, this stethoscope also comes with a non-chill comfort ring for maximum patient satisfaction. The Classic is also 100% latex-free, ensuring no potential reactions.

Storkie III Neonatal

Of course, if you are dealing with infants, the Storkie III is ideal, with perfectly sized chest piece for ultimate usability. The specially moulded 60cm long PVC tubing allows more convenient usage when dealing with incubators.

Nurse Single Head

For nurses taking blood pressures and basic auscultation, consider the Nurse Single Head. With a light weight, single sided, aluminium chest piece and a flexible 56cm PVC tube available in five different colours, this is ideal for nurses across a variety of departments.

Teaching Stethoscopes

Finally, if you are looking to assist with budding doctors and nurses, you should choose Liberty’s two-person use Teaching Stethoscope. Featuring a two Y-tube design, the device is more than capable of deliver accurate acoustics for clinical and education settings.

For the Best Medical Accessories in Australia, Choose Paragon Care

With a range of devices and tools suitable for usage in a variety of medical situations, Paragon Care has everything you need to help patients.

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