More Than Looks: Factors We Must Consider Before Installing Pendant Lights

When it comes to choosing lighting fixtures to arrange in your household, it is best to recognize the excellence of pendant light, which dangles on a chain or cord from your ceiling.

The pendant light is now a favorite among householder because it is not as bulky and pricey compared to chandeliers and it as well makes for great task lighting in busy areas like the kitchen.

Also, pendant lights can offer an engaging center of attention in any space while doubling as a source of lighting. Additionally, a pendant can be a space-saving alternative to a table lamp or floor lamp because they can produce ambient lighting over a bigger surface area.

The shape and style of the pendant you pick relies on your type of house as well as the room where you plan to install the lighting. However, here are a few general points you need to take into account as you look for a pendant light.

Examine Substance and Finishes

The most common elements utilized for pendant lights include metal, glass, plastic, and cloth. Clear glass will freely spread the light out more efficiently in every direction, which makes them excellent for areas such as washroom and kitchen.

Likewise, metals with bright finishes such as brushed nickel and polished chrome can as well help reflect light.

For drum-fashioned pendant lights designed from cloth, dust or dirt particles can accumulate easily, so it is best to use them in spaces where cleaning requires only swift dusting like the living room.

Also, while plastic might be the most economical choice, they are still vulnerable to discoloration over time, so applying them in nooks and corners that are not busy such as the kitchen or hallway can help make them a bit long-lived.

Settling on Big or Small Pendants

A big pendant light is excellent for an entrance where only a single source of illumination is usually enough. Also, it can help serve as a centerpiece in a particular space like for instance installing one big pendant light over round dining tables.

Meanwhile, tiny pendants, like the mini globes, are good options for putting track lighting. They produce bright but less drastic lighting, so they operate well in the kitchen similar to task lighting

Hang small pendant lights in numbers to have adequate lighting source, and above the level of the eyes to prevent chances of glare.

Task and Ambient Lighting

Depending on the type or shape of shade applied on a pendant, the light is either pointed upward or downward. Inverted pendants (they seem like table lamps which are upside down) casts light as far as the ceiling which offers ambient or mood lighting in an area.

On the other hand, pendant lights with open bottoms usually direct light downward, making them excellent as task lighting over a busy space like a kitchen island.

Take Height into Account

The method as to how you will use the pendant light in Black Mango will also decide how high you must hang it.

In an entry to a place, it is ideal to go at least six feet above the floor. If you are utilizing a pendant light in a dining space, it is safer to hang the pendant light at around 30 inches above your dining table.

Likewise, pendant lights applied to a kitchen island area need to be between 30 inches and 40 inches over the workbench.

Still, always recognize the height of every family member; there should be around 25 inches between the head of the tallest family member and the substructure of a pendant because this keeps them from to bowing under the light.

Recognize the length of the cord

Opt for a cord that is between 4 feet and 6 feet long for a hardwired pendant and one that is around 9 feet long for plug-ins variant.

These must provide enough space for modifications according to how low or high you would want to dangle the pendant above a particular surface. For areas with tall ceilings, determine how high the ceilings are to decide the length of the cord you will need.


The elegance and appearance of lighting fixtures is not the only basis for excellent lighting in every household because everything will still come down to the correct installation.

Mentioned in the article are only some of the many tips for installing lighting fixtures, and there are still plenty of ways as to how to properly install lightings.

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