Magento Developer vs WordPress Developer: Who Does What?

Establishing a strong online presence has become the prime concern among all business organizations and companies – that always keeps on seeking out ways to expand their reach. However, they need to make many decisions before getting started with their website development project. Most importantly, they need to choose a platform to run their website. Especially, online merchants need to find the right platform for running their e-commerce site.

The e-commerce marketplace is flourishing! It is estimated that the global e-commerce sales is expected to hit $1.4T this year. The increase in e-commerce sales is because of the rise in Internet spending.

If you’re a developer, then the ever-growing need for building e-commerce websites will give you ample of opportunity to grow as a developer and make money. However, with several e-commerce platforms available online, choosing one to address the growing need for building e-commerce sites can be a tough decision. Magento and WordPress are two of the most popular content management systems out there – that can be used for e-commerce website development Company in Vadodara.

But, deciding whether you should become a Magento developer or a WordPress developer to meet the continuous growing demand for building e-commerce sites can give you a hard time. To help you out, in this post, we’ll talk about the roles and responsibilities that a Magento and WordPress developer need to fulfill. But, prior to that let us have a brief overview of both Magento and WordPress platforms.

The Magento Platform – An Overview

If you want all the core features of e-commerce, then Magento is the right platform for you. That’s because, this platform was primarily designed for putting up e-commerce sites and web portals. It comes with an intuitive administration panel that allows website owners to perform edits in their website. Besides this, there are tons of Magento extensions available over the web that enables to extend the functionality of an e-commerce site.

The WordPress Platform – An Overview

WordPress was initially created as a blogging platform, however, with time it has evolved into a full-fledged CMS. This platform not only help in creating blogs, but also allows creating standard websites (like corporate sites, news website, etc.). In fact, it also enables e-commerce development thanks to its plugins such as WooCommerce and others.

A Comparison Between Magento Developers and WordPress Developers

1. Template Files

WordPress consists of many different editable pages and posts. WordPress developers need to use many functions and loops to fetch the content within the page and post during development of template files. They also help in creating custom template files – tailored to meet client specific needs. These custom files are applied to a single page.

Even Magento developers use functions that work quite similarly like WordPress. But, while WordPress developers can perform certain things with a few clicks, Magento developers carry out the same thing in a more programmatic fashion. For example, developers can’t just rely on creating a new template file to setup additional page templates in a Magento store. In fact, they have to create a new module for updating the list of templates.

2. CMS Static Blocks

The Magento CMS Static Blocks work like the combination of both WordPress posts and widgets. CMS Static Blocks are needed for adding text, as well as, images on a page/template. What’s more? They function almost similar to WordPress widgets. Remember that the Magento platform also comes loaded with its own widgets, which help offer better functionality compared to WordPress Static Blocks.

But, the major difference between the static blocks is that, WordPress developers need to write static blocks according to a set of PHP scripts. On the other hand, Magento developers write static blocks based on the object-oriented concept. Besides, while WordPress developers need to store multiple files with a unique name in the same folder, Magento developers need to store several files and folders having the same name.

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Do you wish to become a Magento developer or a WordPress developer? Well, then this post will help you understand about some key factors that you must take into considerations before making any decision.

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