Main Trends Of App Design in 2017

App design is one of the fastest-changing areas of today’s IT market. Keeping up with the current design trends is a must for any UI/UX designer.

Here are some of the trends to take note of:

General app design trends

2017 Main App Design Trends

  1. More apps will be designed for wearable and portable devices. Since the Internet of things is a growing trend, a lot of companies invest in wearable device apps, like Apple watch and Samsung. This trend is to stay and extend on more devices like inbuilt conditioning systems, TV-sets and kitchen devices.
  2. Increasing number of virtual reality apps. Virtual reality is a growing trend not only for entertainment but for business purposes as well. Virtual reality and augmented reality apps are used by businesses to visualize and present their products and are becoming more popular due to more possibilities of impressive visualization.
  3. On-demand apps will be growing in numbers. These are the apps that allow you to use situational services, like laundry, nail service, haircut, and car repair. More and more service-based businesses will be investing in app design.
  4. Cloud-based apps. Cloud technology is further integrating into the technology world, and so there will be a steady increase in the number of Cloud-based apps.
  5. Businesses will be switching to “Bring your own device” apps. It is a trend that encourages employees to bring their own devices to work. This reduces the costs for the businesses, and also makes work for employees more comfortable and quick. Special apps enable this process.
  6. More tools for citizen developers. Citizen developers are those who make applications without writing codes. They simply use ready-made app design patterns and themes downloaded from special websites. This way, more people can contribute to app-development market. And the UX/UI designers will be working on such templates.

Some practical tendencies in app design.

Most Important Trends of 2017 App Design

2017 also saw the rise of certain existing UX/UI design trends, and those are very likely to keep growing, both with the developers and the consumers:

  1. Adaptability to different customer groups, graphics customization. Nowadays, half of the world’s population is online, with rising younger and older user numbers. This means that an app can be equally used by a 5 and a 60-year old user. This makes customised theming and adaptability a priority for app designers.
  2. No more hamburger menu. The traditional mobile-version menu at the top left corner of the screen (which looks like a hamburger) adopted by so many websites will no longer be a trend. Apparently, some companies found out that it decreased their website’s clickability.
  3. More vivid and brisk colours. Some companies are expanding their colour palette since all of the traditional bland colours have outlived themselves and have already been used in all of the major apps. However, the traditional white and pastel colours have not lost their popularity.
  4. Thinner outlining for app icons. App icons are becoming more and more minimalistic. Also, animated icon trend is kicking in, and it may completely change what your home screen looks like during the next year or two.

Overall, the main challenge for UI/UX designers in the coming second half of the year would be to further develop responsiveness of apps, their customization options and integrity with devices they are used on.

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