How to Make Your Kids Birthday a Special Affair

Your kid’s birthday is a very special day. You plan so much for your kid, and you want every moment to be special. However, there are times when you run out of ideas, right? So, here are some unusual ideas for your special kid.

1.    Spread balloons all over: As your kid sleeps, fill his or her room with a lot of colorful balloons. You can also choose to use the color of your kid’s choice. Kids generally love red or anything colorful.

2.    Mirror message: If your kid is old enough to read, write a message saying “Happy Birthday” or anything special on their bathroom mirror. So, as soon as they reach the bathroom, they will have smiles all over their faces.

3.    Story Telling: Everyone knows how much kids love stories. Tell you kid the story of his/her birth and tell them how much you love them. This will develop a bond between you and your kid.

4.    Bathtub party: Got a little kid and bath tub? This is perfect for you. Turn that tub into a party sport with colorful balloons, toys and birthday messages. Have a lot of pictures clicked to capture this special moment.

5.    Birthday week: How about celebrating the entire week with fun things like long drives, ice cream party, time at the park or anything special for the whole week?

6.    Balloon Wreath: Make a cute wreath from hollow balloons and hang it on the front door to surprise them when they are back from school. Isn’t it fun? Here’s how to make a balloon wreath.

7.    Count the days: Kids love to count the days left for their birthday. Make a special countdown craft and hang it on their wall.

8.    An outing: Take your kids to a beautiful venue in your city and celebrate your kids’ birthday. You can take them to some indoor party venues if you like.

9.    Spread love: Have a small get together and have everyone in your family and friends encourage your kid by telling your kid something good about him or her. Everyone will say what they love about the kid.

10.    Hide and Seek: Hide various gifts in different locations and have your kid find them with the help of small cues or hints you put for them.

Let your kid enjoy his or her birthday and remember for a lifetime.


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