Make Your Own Photo Booth Props!

Make Your Own Photo Booth Props


Having a photograph corner at your wedding gathering? Fill your ensemble box with these FREE printable PDF props! From mustaches and caps to tiaras and neckties, these props are certain to help visitors grin and get senseless for the camera.

Step 1: Print Your Props

Tap on each PDF picture beneath to download our free, printable DIY props!

Print the same number of props as you have to fit your wedding style and visitor measure.

Step 2: Gather Materials

For making your own Photo Booth props you need to gather some important items, without this you are not able to make your props. Make sure you have these things with you.

Materials Checklist

  • Prop printouts
  • Spray cement
  • Heavy cardstock (100 lb. or, then again more)
  • Scissors
  • Glue and additionally tape
  • Popsicle sticks, straws, or dowels



  • Foam center
  • X-ACTO (or other utility) cut
  • Cutting mat
  • Embellishments

(Plumes, rhinestones, and so forth.)


Step 3: Adhere Props to Card stock

Splash cement onto the back of your prop printouts, then stick to card stock, tenderly pushing down so the printout lays level on top of the card stock.

(We suggest utilizing a shower glue, the same number of brands are non-dangerous and won’t seep through the paper like heavier fluid paste/glues.)

Try not to have splash glue?

That is OK you could likewise attempt twofold sided tape or a paste stick. Simply make sure to enable additional time for the paste to dry.


Step 4: Cut out your props

Cut out your props in a way that it can get the clear shape which is according to your desire to make your own Photo Booth props.

Accommodating Tip

To remove the inner parts of the glasses, have a go at utilizing an X-acto cut (or other utility blade), with a slicing board underneath to ensure the surface.

Try not to have a utility blade?

No stresses! Glasses look extraordinary even without the focuses removed. You could likewise portray some odd toon eyeballs on them. Visitors


Step 5: Assemble and Embellish

Utilize tape or paste to join handles to the back of each prop.

(Here, we utilized wooden dowels and a few layers of tape for strength.)

Lovely up Your Props!

Add some radiance and sparkle to your props! Overwhelm your props with rhinestones, quills, or whatever other embellishments you wish. Be imaginative!

Step 6: Test out Your Props!

Here’s the fun part! Round up some wedding party individuals and do a practice run. Attempt to take photographs in a domain like your gathering setting/district.

(We tried these props outside to rehearse for an open air gathering and photograph corner.)

Making Your Own Photo Booth? Perceive how one lady of the hour and prep pulled off their own DIY photo booth.

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