How Cough Medication use for making Purple Drank Sizzurp

Sizzurp is a homemade drink that can be prepared with cough syrup (codeine and promethazine include) mixed with soft drinks to make it more soluble and sweet candies (Jolly Rancher) to give it its characteristic purple color (hence being called purple drank). The US Drug Enforcement Administration estimates that 1 in 10 teens uses cough syrup as an active element for Purple Drank because it is easily accessible and inexpensive in any pharmacy (many of the syrups do not require a prescription) of being a frequent medicine in the home kits.

The cocktail

This cocktail began to gain his popularity since 90’s and in the hip-hop songs that have been mentioned as part of a fun lifestyle. Today, on the Internet there are hundreds of pages, videos, and forums that continuously promoting the recipe to prepare sizzurp. Justin Bieber also being an active consumer of it and have decorated his skating rink with a graffiti in which he reads double cup, an urban way of designating a glass of sizzurp with the usual codeine double.

Purple Drank Sizzurp

However, another famous American, rapper Lil Wayne, who was in favor of the consumption of this drink, made it clear that it is not a good idea for codeine to overdose. Codeine and promethazine are present in home drug such as cough syrup. The effects of cough medicine that have codeine and promethazine range from the feeling of relaxation and well-being (similar to marijuana use), to distortion of reality and paranoia, and slowing down body movements. Codeine is a narcotic that prepared from the opium gum obtained from the poppy (opiate) which in large doses can produce a sensation of euphoria, while promethazine is an antihistamine ( a drug that reduces or eliminates effects of allergies) and at the same time acts as a sedative. There are some recipes to prepare sizzurp recommended that if the drink does not contain promethazine, it is not a real sizzurp.

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This “combo” can give you the feeling of relaxation and calm down your mood to hold something, hence the mixture of cough syrup, soda and sweets also called lean drink can make your day much better when you go through some anxiety problems. Some sizzurp-making recipes replace cough medicines with codeine and promethazine with dextromethorphan-containing cough medicines (DXM), which are freely available and produce similar or greater effects when prepared as sizzurp. Now they also mixed up the cough syrup with some alcoholic beverages to increase the effects.

So at the end, it is obvious that without the cough syrup it was quite impossible to bring out this amazing Purple Drank in our hand.

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