MBA From Private University of Delhi and NCR

private management college in Uttar Pradesh

It is known to all of us that MBA is not only a post graduate course but it is also a polishing course which basically give a shine to your over all education till date. It make you more presentable and salable in the society. There are many private management college in Uttar Pradesh involved in providing management education. But some how very few of them are able to understand what exactly the thrust area of the students or I must say professionals. The maximum number of private management college in Uttar Pradesh are involved in minting money in one or the other way. And with the passes of time the grace of the course has been faded which is very alarming today. If these private management college of delhi and ncr or other nearby areas don’t take this issue on top priority and maintain their quality they will be finished and the future of many people involved in this management education field will not be able to earn their bread and butter.

As we all know that the world is changing very fast. The pace of globalization, liberalization and privatization has tremendously influenced the various dimensions of Management education. Management education plays a very important role in the changing business world. It is the most important key, which leads to success in all sectors of economy. The education imparted among Management students include lecturing, learning, group discussion, brain-storming, simulation exercises, case study, role-play, seminars etc. Therefore, Management education is very important.

The era in which human beings are living today is the dynamic world where man with his intellect first tried to understand Nature and then start exploiting it, which ultimately leads to manipulation. In the same way when these private management college of Delhi and NCR started management education at that time they perform their responsibilities with honesty but at the time passed they started compromising and playing with the future of the students involved in management study. Before getting into management education one must focus on the past placement record of that private management college in Uttar Pradesh and second go through the profile of faculty teaching in the college.

The growth and success of any private university depends on its placement. The projected placement date of IIMT University seems quite reasonable. A good number of companies are expected to come in near future which will generate a good placemnt.

By Dr. Amit Kansal

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