Medical Examination FAQs for UAE Immigration

Are you about to undergo the medical examination in order to get the Visa? However, it’s not necessary that everybody who applies for the Visa has to undergo the medical check. It’s specifically for the one who is willing to stay abroad for more than six months, only then they would require having the check for visa medical Abu Dhabi. The medical examination is mainly for the expats who visit UAE for the job. Mostly, the expats are supposed to spend at least 5 years in order to build and maintain their worth in the corporate world.

There are few questions that people come up with regarding the visa medical Abu Dhabi. So let’s check in to discover more:

What exactly the Applicant should expect at the Medical Examination?

The applicant is supposed to show the passport, other identification proof and the appointment letter to the doctor. In the medical examination, the entire medical history of applicant will be reviewed. Alongside, it will further be proceeded with the chest x-ray, blood test for syphilis and physical examination.

Particularly, the physical examination is meant to examine the entire body especially eyes, noses, ears, extremities, throat, abdomen, heart, lymph nodes, lungs, external genitalia and skin.

What if the Applicant is diagnosed with Positive Tuberculosis Skin Test?

In case the applicant is diagnosed with such disease, he/she would then be asked to provide the previous Tuberculosis skin test reports and certificate from the attending doctor. The reports should contain all the test reports with the prescribed medicine and the duration. This has to be written and signed by the attending doctor that the patient was adequately treated and is further heading toward the improvement. In order to maintain the legitimacy, the actual films will be required that the previous films can be compared with the x-ray taken on the examination.

What if the Applicant is diagnosed with Syphilis?

It’s important for the applicants to present the panel doctor with a written document signed by the attending doctor saying that the applicant was adequately treated. The once who have ever had the other blood test for syphilis or positive VDRL and haven’t been treated yet are supposed to explain this in a written form to the panel physician.

What if the Application has been hospitalized due to mental illness or drug abuse?

However, this domain is quite broad as it entails the psychiatric illness, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and other substances etc. Even in that case, the applicant should present the written certification that includes the detailed diagnosis, duration of the treatment rendered and prognosis.

What if the applicant is already being treated with some chronic medical condition?

When it comes to the visa medical Abu Dhabi, the panel doctors stumble upon almost every type of case. Therefore, the applications with chronic medical conditions are no exception. If the applicant is being treated with the chronic medical condition, and also taking medication on the regular basis, then he/she has to be familiar with the exact disease and the medication he/she is taking.


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