What men and women should know when taking Anavar?

This also imposes a limit on how many drugs you can only take since ingesting more on a higher dosage can lead to undesirable effects and worse life threatening situations. This is the reason why there are intervals to take the drugs, dates, days and as needed. Regardless if a drug is over the counter or not the user of the drug still needs to be responsible and adhere to an expert’s advice on when and how much dosage one should take.

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Dosage: The amount of drug that needs to be administered to provide the desired effect. have different dosage preparations that they need to adhere to in order to get that desired effect. Since drugs react differently to everyone the desired effect will vary person to person. Anavar is not an exception to this and is even one of the drugs that you need to be careful of.

Dosage for men: The usual dosage is 30 mg or 50 mg per day depending on the preference since this is an expensive drug. That is why some body builders are cutting phases or cycles in order to save this drug from being consumed fast.

Dosage for women: The common dosage for women is 10mg per day for six weeks. If they want to increase the dose it should be taken within 3-4 weeks. Increasing the dose puts a woman at risk for virilisation.

Desired effects: If properly taken, the effects are very positive. That is why this drug is very popular despite its price point that hurts the pocket when used long term.

  • Increase in metabolic rate
  • Helps with tissue regeneration
  • Tones the body
  • Helps with muscle and tissue strength

Facts: Studies show that women are actually more in tune with the drug since it gives them a more desired effect faster even in small doses versus the men but still this varies from women to women since we all react differently on medicines.

Taking Anavar: You should take the drug only after you consult an expert that can provide you the information that you need and educate you to be more responsible in taking the drug. Drugs are better if taken the right way, taking it wrong or overdosing can only cause damages.

People that want to lose weight and have a leaner physique are the people of choice for this drug since it provides promising results. If you want to start this medication or mix it with other medicines, it’s highly recommended that you consult an expert in order to know not just about Anavar but also the drug interactions that happen along with other drugs that you are taking together with it. Body building is not new to drug cocktails and most physicians always tell people that it’s not wise but if you will take it it’s better to know everything about it to be safe.

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