Monsoon Trekking Destinations near Bangalore

The monsoons are a time of exploration, as the dry summer landscape gives way to picturesque green meadows and lush vegetation. Bangalore boasts a blessed location for the avid traveller, and there are many rainy season destinations and exciting road trips to be experienced. Non-car-owners too can indulge in all this fun. The best way is to rent self drive cars and head off to the many rainy season havens of Karnataka.

Land of the Leopard- Kabini
Kabini comes alive in the rain. The verdant forests and gushing waterways are home to many species and a trip to this pristine part of Karnataka gives visitors a chance to witness Karnataka’s rich flora and fauna. Kabini has a large percentage of melanistic leopards, or black panthers. The Kabini River is an ideal place to experience the monsoons in their full glory. Being just a four and a half hour journey from Bangalore via the NH275, it is also a short and memorable road trip.

Coffee and Curry- Coorg
Coorg is a monsoon destination that will take one back to the days of the Jungle Book. One should experience a drink of rum at a local Madikeri bar, as the rain taps the quintessential shingled roofs and conversations with the locals describe tigers prowling on estates and hockey game festivities. The land of the Kodavas is just a 5-hour drive away, featuring beautiful winding roads and forested hills that rise from the plains of Mysore. Coorg cuisine is another reason for visiting, the famed pork curry being a flagship dish.

Beauty of the Western Ghats- Agumbe
King cobra country, Agumbe is also a serene paradise that encapsulates the beauty of the Western Ghats. Drive 350 kilometres west on the NH75 and watch the metamorphosis of Deccan landscapes into massive green ranges. Jog Falls is a sight to behold in the monsoon and one of the grandest of the Western Ghats waterfalls. Enjoy a scenic route punctuated with majestic valley views and tranquil forests.

For those looking for car rental – self drive, Bangalore is a city with good options. Modern car rentals have customised, affordable plans for long drives and besides hatchbacks and sedans, offer sturdy SUVs perfect for large groups and country roads. Providers like Zoomcar offer 24/7 on-road support and all-India permits, ensuring hassle-free long trips. The monsoon season is the period of rejuvenation. It is the time to hit the road, leave the city and drive into the misty mountains.

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