Moonga Stone: A stone that can bring a lot of changes

As per the Vedic Astrology, there are many precious and semi-precious gemstones that have tremendous effects on the human life. Each of these stones is known for its effects that can remove the malefic effects of a particular planet. As per the ancient learning, the planets create their positive or negative effects on human life. Those who suffer from some negative effects of planets can wear the resembling stone and hence avoid the negative effect on the life of the wearer. These stones also have effects on one’s body and mind. Hence the astrologers suggest to wear a right stone with accurate weight in a particular finger to have the desired benefits to the wearers.

The Moonga Stone: The Moonga stone is also known as Coral Stone. This stone is known for its positive effects on the wearer who have to suffer from the malefic effects of Planet Mars. It is available in red and white color and different sizes. Those who have to suffer from instability on the personal, as well as professional fronts, need to wear this stone as it can help one to have stability in life. This stone also has effects on one’s immune system. One can strengthen the immunity by wearing this stone in a pendant or a ring. However, for the true effects of this stone one needs to go for the original Moonga stone only. The stone also helps one to purify the blood and keep a number of diseases away. It can also help the wearer to bring the prosperity and wealth in life. However, as it is the stone of fiery planet, it is important to consult an expert astrologer before wearing the stone. One needs to know the weight and style of the ring before wearing the stone. Ideally one needs to wear the stone of minimum 5.25 ratti. One needs to wear this ring on the ring finger on Tuesday. The ring must be made of Gold, Ashta Dhatu or even in Copper.

The Blue Sapphire Stone: The Blue Sapphire stone represents the planet Saturn. The Saturn or Shani dev is known as the Lord of judgment. This stone is known for its fast effects on the wearer. Those who suffer from the evil effects of the planet Saturn should wear this stone in the Middle finger. The stone must be of minimum 5.25 ratti in weight, and it must be studded in a Gold or Silver as well as Panch Dhatu ring. The stone can help one get prosperity, win against enemies in legal issues, progress in business and many other fronts. The stone also helps one to get relief from anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. One needs to wear this stone on Saturday. The original blue sapphire stone price ranges around 10000, but the prices of the stone depend on the weight and Ratti of the stone. To get the desired benefits of the stone one must go for the original stone only.

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