Motorola CLP Series Radios: For a Whole New Conversation with Ease

Portable two ways radios were previously confined to police and military departments. Today, these two-way radios are used even for the general security purpose, more and more people option for them. The commercial two-way radios which are often called “walkie-talkies” gives you an excellent way to communicate and keep your business operating safely.
Sharing Reasons Why You Should Buy Two-Way RadiosThe primary one is, unlike the cell phones the two-way radios don’t rely on cellphone towers. Instead, they operate radio to radio independently using radio signals.

As these radios do not depend on telephone lines for operations, hence there is no chance of communication failure due to bad weather, crisis or emergency situations.

In addition, the specific frequencies are often programmed to these two-way radio solutions that for a specific frequency allocation. It is also possible to prepare, two-way radios to operate without any electricity.

UHF vs. VHF Radios

Using branded radio handsets offer instant connectivity whether in the school, university, hospitals, or shopping malls and help you find one who is nowhere to be found, which means better security & connectivity of your family members, office staff, and colleagues. However, before you go to purchase the one handset for yourself, it is always good to know which one is better for you. Since there are two popular technologies UHF and VHF that have been employed in these wireless systems, and it would be helpful for you to know the difference between these two.

VHF (Very High Frequency)

The VHF two-way radios are often used for the long distance communication and are designated radio waves at 30 to 300 MHz by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). This device is relatively good for areas that are free from obstructions such as buildings or residential property.
UHF (Ultra-High Frequency)

The main advantage of UHF radio over VHF is the size of antenna that is much smaller than the antenna required for VHF radios. These waves are shorter and designated from 300 MHz to 3,000 MHz, and signals are also affected by buildings, walls, mountains etc., more so than VHF frequencies.  The UHF radios are much better option than VHF, and they are good to use for all around the signal.

Motorola CLP Series Radios

CLP1010 Two-way Radio

The CLP1010 radios are enabled with the innovative features; this is a single-channel radio which ensures you can get your job done efficiently even on the busiest days.
CLP1040 Two-way Radio

This range of CLP radio is designed specifically for the retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries. The radio is best for your business as get the job done effectively and operates on four channels.
Features & Tech Specifications

These two-way radio sets are also designed in a way that they are easy to use. To talk, you just need to press the large PTT button on the front of the radio. Also, there are no speakers, knobs, or keypads on the radio. All these options are controlled by voice-driven menus and small buttons located on the side of the radio. Each radio includes the comfortable earpiece that is easy to wear, and more options including:

  • Ultra-compact size
  • Selectable frequencies available
  • Interference eliminator codes
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Voice Activation VOX
  • Audio accessory jack
  • Transmitter light
  • Low-battery alert
  • Cloning capability
  • Speaker microphone jack
  • Channel scanning – 4 Channel

Wrapping Up

Motorola CLP two-way radio series is the best solution for retail, restaurants, hospitals and healthcare markets. All the devices under the series have a sophisticated design that projects a polished image. Moreover, these radio solutions make the user experience completely comfortable and effortless, and they’re perfect for environments where customer service, security and brand image are the key.






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