How To Move House With Pets?

How To Move House With Pets?

The surveys have shown that relocating house is one of the most stressful events of life that has both psychological and physical effects. Packing, loading and transporting all the household items can leave people in high anxiety and frustration. Similarly, the pets feel the same. Usually, pets like cat and dog don’t like change that’s why moving house can be as traumatic for your pets.

The whole moving process can be stressful for pets because they would like to live in the place where they are staying and comfortable. But you can make the process easy for the pets with proper planning. First of all, it is significant to find out that new place or home where you’re going to shift is pet friendly or not. Make sure that you’re allowed to move your pets in the new home because many landlords or housing communities don’t allow pets.

Make A Schedule

Create a schedule and stick to it. It is better to make a moving checklist in order to keep everything organized.  Daily spend some time with pet and take him out so your cat or dog does not feel that’s he is ignored or unloved.

Arrange An Appointment With Vet

Call the vet and arrange an appointment with him. Tell the vet about the moving plans and ask about vaccination if required. An experienced vet will give some useful tips on how to move with pets to make the process as easy as possible. Ask about the sedatives for long distance travelling and get the prescriptions. See if they suggest you a vet in the new area or town.

Get Your Pet’s Health Records And Vaccination Certificates

It is necessary to take all the health records from the vet and prescription medication to provide extra care to your pet. Many communities check complete immunization history and update health certificate is required for air travel.  Get all the medical certificates with you that will help new vet in suggesting medication for the pet.

Keep Your Pet Away On The Moving Day

If you’re hiring a moving company offering experienced man and van house removal services then it will be easy for you to deal with the stress of house move. The pets get stressed when movers are lifting and loading the moving boxes into the moving truck. So, it is better to lock the pets in a separate room or put them in carriers with some food and toys to ensure their safety and reduce their stress.

Update Their ID Tags

Updating the ID tags information the pet’s collar is highly important. Update the home and phone number if your pet has an identification microchip then must update the information in the data base. It is recommended to keep the picture of your pet while moving it will be great in case he lost during the moving process.

Take Your Pet In Your Vehicle

Mostly the moving companies do not transfer pets in the moving vehicle and don’t move pets. Then there are two options; either you should hire a company who offers pet moving services or move him/her yourself. It is better to take your pet in your vehicle by putting them in the carrier if the distance is short. If it’s a long distance move and pet requires special handling then consider professional pet moving service.

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