A movement towards a healthy body and lifestyle

Yoga they say is ” the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” Yoga helps you let go of things that no longer serve you good. You breathe in all the positivity and freshness that every part of your body needs and breathe out all that is disturbing you or is pushing you down in life. In addition, yoga can also help you sweat out that extra inches and stubborn fat sticking to your body. If you have been wanting to change your body for quite some time now then, experience the unique and uplifting yoga experience with Modern Movement, your sole solution to all that your body needs. Let’s see how.


One is able to freely explore their limits and yoga expression with being guaranteed a good workout and sweat. With heated Power Vinyasa Yoga being the core of Modern Movement’s practice, they also offer yin, foundation, meditation and pre-natal yoga. The organisation will makes you fall in love with yoga and you can acquire a sense of balance in your body. You get to practice at different locations also like the beaches near the yoga Newport NSW.


A 60 minutes class with professional yoga teachers can make you feel good about your body for 24 hours. Modern Vinayasa is a form of yoga practiced in a heated room leaving you inspired mentally and physically whereas yin is a slower paced class with poses being held for longer periods of time to relax your muscles with slow music acting as icing on the cake. Foundation class can be slow to moderate paced, best suited for the beginners. other classes like modern focus helps to align your postures especially for the experiences yogis, sculpt helps you with weight training and mummies form helps the new mothers to get back into yoga.


They have prices to suit everybody’s needs whether you wish to practice once a day or once a week with options like regular passes, student passes and good concessions. You can also choose to suspend you membership for the time period that you want. They also have a lot workshops coming up.

So, uplift your health and your healthy body with Yoga Warriewood in the heart of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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