Movie Character Costumes from Harry Potter

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Harry Potter is an award-winning movie written by J.K Rowling. In terms of literary fiction, Harry Potter happens one of the most popular series. The storyline is incredible as it has a lot to do with magic and adventure. The movie also has some really interesting characters including the lead role Harry Potter.

If you’re having a fancy-dress party, and you seem to lack ideas on the fancy dress costume you should wear, you can try out a costume of one of the characters that featured in Harry Potter. In this article, we will be sharing some fancy-dress ideas you can use from the Harry Potter series.

  • Harry Potter:

The lead role of the movie is Harry Potter. This is a very interesting character loved by a lot of people globally. You can simply dress up in a Harry Potter fancy dress costume for Halloween or any other fancy-dress party.

The Harry Potter costume is very easy to create. All you’ll be needing is a wand, spectacles with a rounded frame, and a black coat. But to add more effect to your costume, you can also create a fake scar on your forehead. With these, your Harry Potter costume is complete. All that remains is for you to step out in your Harry Potter costume and make some magical chants using your wand.

  • Rubeus Hagrid:

Rubeus Hagrid is the half-human, half-giant character in Harry Potter. In the series, he played the part of a professor at Hogwarts who’s in charge of the well-being of magical creatures.

Just like the Harry Potter costume, Rubeus Hagrid costume is also very simple to create. All you’ll need is a woolly robe.

  • Albus Dumbledore:

Albus Dumbledore is another character in the Harry Potter series that is well loved by a lot of people. He is the headmaster of the magical school called Hogwarts where Harry Potter studies.

To create the Albert Dumbledore costume, all you’ll need is a grey-coloured robe that has a collar. Then you’ll also need a white long beard.

  • Sirius Black

He plays the part of Harry Potter’s godfather. He’s also a major character in the Harry Potter series. Like the other characters, Sirius Black costume is also very easy to create since he dresses very simple. All you’ll need is a moustache and fake long hair.

You can easily dress up in the costume of one of these characters from the Harry Potter series.

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