Why You Need A Quality Assurance Management System

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In our fast-moving throwaway society, it would be easy to think that quality was no longer an issue for businesses or customers. The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is commonly used when paying a low price for a product we don’t expect to last.

Despite that, however, it seems quality is still a key factor for customers – and it should be at the top of the list for organisations, too.

‘Quality’ doesn’t just apply to the way a product is manufactured or what it is made of; in fact, it doesn’t just apply to products! From the customer’s point of view, anything they pay money for – product or service – should be quality.

Long-Term Revenue And Profitability

Quality isn’t just critical for attracting and satisfying customers; it also plays a key role in an organisation’s long-term revenue and profitability. This means should be ensuring both quality control and quality assurance.

ISO 9001 is the world’s best-known quality assurance management system, used by more than a million organisations around the world. It has recently been updated to better reflect what is happening in the marketplace today.

Any business seeking to improve its quality assurance in Queensland would do well to consider using ISO 9001:2015. It is not a requirement but is definitely a very smart move.

Quality Assurance Management System

Managing quality is particularly important for small businesses. Whilst it takes both money and effort to implement a quality assurance management system, you will most certainly save time and money in the long run.

Managing your customers’ expectations can be tricky in our competitive world; unhappy customers won’t just take their business elsewhere but they will also tell their friends. So, you haven’t just lost a customer, you have also lost future business/customers and damaged your reputation.

The only way to ensure long-term success is to achieve that delicate balance between cost and profit. Spend too little and you risk producing poor quality products; spend too much and your profits will drop.

Quality Assurance In Queensland

With a quality assurance management system in place, you have the tools to get this equation right and keep it front and foremost in your business plan. That way you can build a loyal customer base and excellent word-of-mouth marketing.

Achieving quality assurance in Queensland also helps you meet industry standards and legal requirements. This is equally important in protecting your reputation and achieving long-term profitability. Take it to its obvious conclusion, by achieving ISO accreditation, and your brand becomes even stronger.

Interestingly, in surveys, business owners rate their products’ quality higher than customers do. It’s only natural to think your product is the best but it can also be a case of sticking your head in the sand? Many business owners don’t want to hear complaints because they view them as negative; it’s actually quite the opposite. Customer feedback is crucial to perfecting your brand.

A quality assurance management system has this built in, by using both internal and external audits. In fact, continual assessment and tweaking are one of the most important aspects of any management system.

Eliminating Errors

By identifying what isn’t working well you can fix it. Facing the truth may be hard but it will pay off in the long run. Errors need to be found and eliminated at every stage, from design and production through to sales and aftersales service. In short, quality should be customer-driven.

Think of it this way; the more you do to avoid errors during production, the less negative feedback there will be from customers. There will also be fewer refunds and replacements, which means bigger profits.

Do you ever use customer satisfaction surveys? If you don’t, is it because you’re afraid of the answers? And if you do, how do the responses stack up? Even the action of asking customers for their opinion is a plus as far as marketing and customer satisfaction goes. It shows you care and it proves you’re serious about improving quality.

Quality vs Price

In surveys many consumers say they would choose quality over price; in other words, they will pay more for quality products. If your organisation can achieve that then you know you’ve done well.

When we discuss quality assurance in Queensland, we need to include online shopping. Australia’s online shopping trend is growing rapidly and those customers are just as demanding when it comes to quality. You only have to look at the shopping cart abandonment rate to see that.

There are several things that your online customer expects:

Personal Service: Despite the apparent anonymity of online shopping customers still expect a personalised service. They want to quickly find information and products and have their questions answered promptly. Did you know that around half of online shoppers will dump their cart if they can’t get a quick response?

Choice: This refers to both product choices and shopping/payment options.

Loyalty: It’s a two-way street; you want loyal customers and your customers expect special attention, even if they are just one of hundreds or thousands.

If you think a quality assurance management system could help your organisation it’s time to talk to quality consultants in Brisbane.

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