Why You Need SAS to be an Outstanding Data Scientist

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Being a data scientist has a lot to do with your vision about data, and your skill at using that vision to find solutions to real-life problems. However, to put that vision into practice, you need a software that yields to your directions and gives you what you want, without any hassles. In the data science world, SAS is one such miracle.

Let’s see how SAS helps you put your data science skills to best use.

  1. Mastering SAS in data science gives you the chance to master various analytics techniques, PROC SQL, SAS Macros, and PRO procedure; get in-depth knowledge of evolved statistical techniques like clustering, regression, decision tree and time series. It also leads you to gather hands-on experience of SAS by allowing you to work on projects related to macro calls, retail analysis, customer segmentation, attrition and so on, thereby making you adept at the various challenges that come across in the life of a data scientist.
  2. A data scientist’s work is varied. One week it could be text mining, another it could be predictive modeling, or meeting with peers from other verticals about how data can be used to grow the business. Basically, it’s about mixing insights and technology to be on top of the data game and keep your business in tandem with the latest technological developments. With SAS, you get access to the support of a wide array of professionals and experts in related fields, which helps you be updated with the latest stirrings in the world of big data and data science.
  3. As far as updates are concerned, even the smallest of changes in the SAS domain is passed through tight scrutiny and tested with regard to several factors. It ensures that you never get an update that may create compatibility problems with your project; instead, it will only make your technology sharper and better.

Given so many qualities, it does not hurt that SAS is possibly the most expensive option among the lot. The amazing technology you get in return is worth every penny, and that is why most organizations and business managers choose to get their work done through SAS. Due to this, if you are a data scientist trained in SAS, your job market is very large. You have more job opportunities than offered with any other language. And you get great support by the huge data science SAS community in your endeavours.

We’ve tried to list out all the aspects that chalk out the importance of learning SAS for a data scientist who wants to do outstanding work. However, if you think we’ve left something, add your points in the comments section.

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