What Is Network Security And How Does It Protect You?

Network Security

Network Security is a simple term and very well explanatory. It consists of all the policies and practices which are adopted to prevent and hence keep a check on any unauthorized access, misuse of your private information or storage, modification or editing of important documents etc. Another way you can get a better idea about Network security is that it will ask for an added authorization of access to any kind of data on a network, which is completely managed and controlled by the network admin himself.

Commonly, most of us use following methods to secure our data and accounts from unauthorized access:

  1. Putting an Id and Password for access to any program or information
  2. Voice Control
  3. Retina Security
  4. Thumb Impression
  5. Many other ways like a security card swap etc.

Network Security is often judged by the number of factors:

  • One-Factor Authentication:This is most commonly used in public networks and is thesimplest way to protect your personal information via a unique id/username and password.
  • Two-Factor Authentication:A security token, dongle, ATM card or Mobile phone is also used by the user for authentication
  • Three-Factor Authentication:Additional fingerprint or retina scan is used for high level of security. Mostly such three-factor authentication is useful in very powerful and high-security demanding institutions like banks and jewelry stores where risk is high.

What are the latest developments in Network Security in the year 2017?

Whether you are a small startup or an enterprise, security of your systems is always a top priority. With breaking news of large scale breaches on TV, it always makes us inclined towards protective measures for our systems used in workplaces. Data is the biggest asset of any organization. Once lost, it can never be regained and that loss cannot be filled. We hardly keep hard copies of anything now after computers have replaced human work to a tremendous extent. Hence network security is needed by every working individual to organizations and businesses.

Technologies in high demand today are as follows:

  • Hiring IT Security Experts in thehouse!

There is no one single prototype of network security or IT Security. It all depends on what kind of network you have in your work and that decides what type of next generation network security would be ideal for you. Highly professional team of skilled IT programmers work to make that one strong security plan for your network across all fronts like apps, databases, devices, cloud servers, IT infrastructures etc. The place where normally the breach occurs is users. Hence, you need IT Security experts in today’s time who will only dedicatedly work on safety and security of all your hardware, software and assets. It is the best way to hire them so that they can react to any unsafe threats immediately without putting you in major crises.

  • Implanting Network Intrusion Detection systems:

This type of next generation network software when integrated will monitor your system for suspicious and malicious activity. Hence if any hackers try to harm you, their initial action would be detected and further actions could be stopped.

  • Putting firewalls

Such technique is again very popular as it blocks unauthorized access to your network or data interceptions can be avoided.

Hence if you are also one concerned about your data and software security over anetwork, then you need to act now to get your network security designed and implemented by a professional!

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