Obey your surgeons before surgery

Each and every surgery comes with their own set of risks and one who has to undergo any surgery cannot avoid this. But yes, some surgeries are easy and some are really complicated. Those big and complicated surgeries come up with risks and side effects which can have a long impact on the patient’s body and mind.

Neurosurgery is one such complicated surgery and it is also a difficult one. It is true that when a surgeon advices neurosurgery to a patient, it is common for them to feel nervous. That is why; if one is advised a neurosurgery, they have every right to clear all the doubts and queries they have with the surgeon. There are best neurosurgeon doctors in India who are capable to answer all your questions and they also take care of the surgery and the fact that the patient should remain in good health post surgery.

But yes, they may ask their patients to follow a certain routine so that they get physically and mentally prepared for the surgery. There are certain things that a surgeon should make their patients do so that the operation remains successful and the complications post surgery on the patient’s body can also be minimised. The first among them is to asking the patients to lose their body weight. If the patient is obese or overweight and they need to go for a spinal surgery, there are high chances that there will be more complications and risks. At the same time, if the surgery is for reducing body pain, then it might not be that fruitful or effective if the body weight is not reduced in a proper ratio. That is why; pre surgery the patient should maintain a healthy body weight. Not only this, body weight can also be an issue in breathing for the patient. If the patient is obese then they can face problem in breathing during the time of anaesthesia. Then there can be a high blood pressure which can reduce the surgical safety and lead to high risks for the patient. The doctor can also ask you to stop smoking immediately if you are a regular smoker because this habit can lead to a lot of complications in your surgery. According to medical science, those who are smokers have 40 percent higher risk of catching infections than that of non smokers. They are more prone to inflammations and this is not a good thing.

There are some patients who can have complications which are related to anaesthesia. This can happen due to allergic reactions. But before that one has to check whether they are allergic to anaesthesia or not. This will come up from their medical history or from their family medical history. Other side effects that can happen post surgery are the minor infections. But this can be easily treated with proper medications.

But if you are having blood clots post surgery you should let your surgeon know immediately.

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