Ordering Countertops Fridges for Startup Business

Business Startup

People who are planning to start up their food business will definitely need to have extra storage space in their refrigerator. Which they will love to place near their prep station so that they would easily take out all the ingredients easily. While there are also chances that they won’t have an appropriate place to keep the standard size refrigerator in their kitchen. So in that situation, choosing counter top fridges or freezers will be the best decision. So you should know that countertop freezers are available in different sizes and configurations so you can easily find the one according to your needs. Here in this article we are discussing about how you can buy counter top fridges for your startup business.

Countertop Refrigerators and Freezers

Basically, these countertop units consist of almost same basic cabinet design, but their temperature ranges and sizes can be different. So you can simply analyze the space present in your kitchen where you have to keep it. After that decide which size of countertop fridge you want to buy. Actually, there are different sizes available, from which smallest size will be about 24 inches wide and its large size will be 119 inches wide. So while buying these fridges you have to consider following things:

1. Prefer to Analyze the Height of The Fridge:

Before buying the countertop fridges you should prefer to the height of the space where you want to place the unit. Obviously there are different sizes of fridges present in the market so you can easily get the height that you need for your kitchen. Standard size of countertop freezers is almost 36 inches tall, and this height also includes its casters or legs. Other than that if you have an even smaller place, then you can opt to buy Low Profile or ADA Height models of counter top units.

2. Check Out the Location of Its Compressor:

While buying the counter top fridges you should locate its compressor and check its intake and exhaust systems. And match it with the area where you want to place it. Keep in mind that you have to measure the space accurately and make sure that its exhaust and compressor are getting enough space to breathe. Here are some adjustments that you might have to make. So if you find out that the exhaust of countertop is present on the right hand side of then you have to leave some free space at its right side while placing it in the cabinet.

3. Prefer to Buy Multi-Section Under Counter Fridges:

Actually counter top fridges are available in different designs that include design with front doors and with drawers. So you can also do a mix and match of a door and section fridges design by looking at the multi-section countertop models.

  • So if you will opt for the multi section countertop fridge, then you should know that there will be less space present in the drawer section as compared to door section of the fridge. But still it will be very convenient for you to store food pans directly in the drawer sections.

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