ad insertion platform

Client-Side vs. Server-Side Ad Insertion

Ad insertion is an efficient and flexible technique that is capable of supporting monetization across all screens. Traditional methods that were used for insertion were expensive to build and maintain and also give a poor experience to the viewers.  Today, broadcasters are using targeted approaches


Understand the Concept of Managed WordPress Hosting

Content management system is the platform, which helps you to stay online without knowing any complex language. There are multiple ways of presenting yourself online. However, there are certain things, which you need to do include registering a domain name, buying a suitable website hosting


Trending concepts to monetize mobile apps

As the technology is moving forward, mobile phones seem to be the leaders of the future. The futuristic devices are being designed and people are getting the direct benefit out of it. The businesses are directing their marketing and promotional strategies towards mobile phones only.

Choosing MPLS Networks

Top 6 Advantages of Choosing MPLS Networks

MPLS aka Multiprotocol Label Switching is a high-speed data-carrying technique used by leading companies to speed up their business operations. MPLS networks are highly efficient when it comes to sending/receiving significant amount of data over the network by using short path labels. Experts and MPLS