Paneer Recipes to Die for

For those who are fond of veg dishes in India prefers paneer. Whenever it comes to veg dishes, paneer tops the list. This is because; it is versatile and can be cooked in different styles. It is a type of fresh cheese which is a very common ingredient in South Asian cuisines. This is also very popular in Indian subcontinent mainly in the northern part of the country. Locally this thing is called ‘paneer’ or ‘chhena’. The best part is it can be easily made at home and it is good for human health as it is loaded with calcium. One needs some basic things to make paneer at home like milk, vinegar or lemon juice and a pinch of salt. You need to mix all these things and then strain the thing to get some homemade and fresh paneer.

Now, there are endless dish options that one can carve out with paneer. They can be used in curries, or can be served as fried or grilled. One can also use this to make sweet dishes like rasgulla and rasmalai. One can also soften this cottage cheese and grate them when they are dressing green salads. You can sprinkle them on some snack dishes as toppings as well. One can find many paneer recipes in cook books. If they want kaju paneer recipe in Hindi, they can try out there as well.


Here the paneer cubes are wrapped with some lovely flavour and combinations. The cubes are marinated well with yogurt and sesame seeds. Then they are baked well. Once it is done, they are served with onion rings.

 Dum Paneer Kali Mirch

A little bit of black pepper can really spice up the magic. In this dish one need to cook the paneer to soft and creamy gravy and one should add a pinch of black pepper and mild spices to it. Add more cream if you want the gravy softer. If you are very health conscious, then you can totally cut off the cream.

 Paneer Kofta

If you want to impress your family members in the dinner table and go for this dish. This is a total winner among all the paneer recipes available. Here small rounds are made with paneer and then they are dipped in rich gravy. Pair it up with roti or butter naan and enjoy.

 Paneer Bhurji with KasuriMethi

Go for this if you want something different in breakfast or in the evening snack. This can be served among many heads. You need to shred the paneer and then fry them adding some tomatoes, cashew nuts, fenugreek, and green chillies. They taste really tasty.


This is a traditional recipe fresh from the kitchens of Kasmiru pundits. Here the paneer cubes are fried well in mustard oil and then tossed with mild spices before adding a bit of milk to it.

Most of the paneer recipes can be done quickly and they go very well with white rice and rotis.


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