Perform Simple Exercises For Getting Relief From Foot Pain

exercise for foot pain

Pain that might arise in ball of foot could probably be due to the person not able to bend his ankle joint properly. Even the shoe type that is worn (high heels) might be the root cause of such pain to emerge. There is no need to panic, if extreme pain is felt in the heel and the foot. With some simple exercises suggested by the qualified physician, it becomes possible to get instant relief from the pain emerging in this area of the body.

foot pain

Know The Different Issues Caused In The Foot

This will need precise integration of the different joints, tendons, ligaments and the muscles. One complex and critical joint that is involved in this particular process is stated to be the ankle joint. It is necessary to bend downward the foot, (plantar flexion) towards the floor, (dorsiflexion) upward towards the head, (inversion) rotate inward and (eversion) outward. It is necessary to focus on the issues caused by ankle joint dorsiflexion limitations during walking. One can find the physician suggested Heel Exerciser at Best Price to get prompt relief.

Again, not being able to dorsiflex the foot fully may result in the emergence of a condition called ankle equines. This is known as equines from ‘equine’, a term that is referred to ‘horse’. This does not imply that the individual will have a hoof, especially those suffering from ankle joint equines. If the horse hoof is noticed, the foot points at the front are in downward direction. This is actually plantar flexed foot, with the tendency to walk on toes.

It is a bone piece from any old fracture that blocks proper ankle motion or by congeniality short Achilles tendon may cause ankle equine. It might prevent the ankle’s full dorsiflexion. The ankle joint equines could be caused due to arthritis that results in bone joint deformity, interfering with full joint dorsiflexion. Most of the ankle joint equines can be stated to be caused due to tight calf muscles. In case, the calf muscles have been found to be extremely tight, then the ankle cannot be fully dorsiflexed.

Tight calf muscles and subsequent ankle joint equines could be caused due to spending a good amount of time in high heels. The body tends to adapt to changing demands which are placed on it. In case, high heels are worn, then the distance between knee and heel gets decreased. In such a case, there will be witnessed contraction of the calf muscles to compensate this short distance. Again, upon using flatter shoes and walking the tight calf muscles is likely to interfere with the ankle joint’s capability to function the way it needs to, for offering pain free walking.

Those suffering from ankle equines will have the tendency to move on the ball that is off the foot. Also, they will have a tough time trying to keep their heel to the ground, while they walk and try to raise their heel from the ground much early during the step cycle.

Heel Exerciser unit Price in India is quite affordable and using them as suggested by the physician will help to provide relief to such pains.

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