Places worth visiting in and around Bhopal

In developing country like India, cities like Bhopal are gaining popularity because of the incredible tourist spots, rich culture and unique heritage, which it has been providing to the other counties. The city is nestled in the seven hills and surrounded with two beautiful lakes. This traditional city is also known for the best architecture and oldest buildings that are still well-maintained and uniquely carved due to which it is one of the best and must-visit places. With oriental style and occidental look that you can find in some constructions of Bhopal, you certainly should plan a trip to this place at least once in your lifetime.

Some Places in and Around Bhopal worth visiting are:


This is one of the unique yet untouched tourist destination which is located 18 Km far from Bhopal. The place is located on the Kolar dam and is a small village where the unique parts are the exclusive houses of the tribe. You must also try out their traditional food and rest houses.

Gohar Mahal Bhopal:

Most of the guest houses and 3 star hotels in Bhopal are located quite close to this place. It is located right behind the popular Shaukat Mahal on the edge of Upper Lake. It is one of the must-see spots which was built in memory of the first female ruler in the year 1820. It is a perfect blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture and gives a majestic appearance that you may not find elsewhere. Though it is slowly losing its significance because of lack of maintenance yet before time runs out you are certainly advised to make a visit to this wonderful place.

Sanchi Village

This tiny village has gained popularity because of the scenic beauty which it offers. It is a must visit for those people who follow Buddhism. It has also been listed on the UNESCO world heritage sites. This small village is located close to Bhopal and is also known for the monasteries, start-ups and some remnants of the Buddhist culture.


Another popular place close to Kerwan dam is Islamnagar which is 11 km far from Bhopal and was built by Dost Mohammed Khan. The tourists usually find this place to be a luxurious one which is all surrounded with incredible gardens and Islamic architecture and artwork that you may not find elsewhere. You must visit where two places are a two-storey Rani Mahal and surrounded by lovely gardens called Chaman Mahal.

Bhopal has not only gained popularity because of the unique history but also for the best tourist spots that are well maintained. India is a male dominated country, but this city for 4 successful generations was ruled by the queens, which makes] it a unique example of development. Besides, the above places and beautiful monuments are certainly the keen interest for many tourist in Bhopal. Make sure you book one of best three star hotels in Bhopal that is located to such popular places for you to conveniently reach the destinations.

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