Planning To Buy a Dive Watch? Things You Should Consider

Dive watches, world’s most popular luxurious watch is rarely used for its intended purpose. Instead, it is more about style statement; and why not. After all, they look stunning for their bold look and best known for sophisticated watch making.

However, as they are rarely used for the purpose they are meant for, it has become very difficult to distinguish between professional diving watches and their fashionable replicas which just look like any sports watch.

If you are planning to buy a professional dive watch, here are some essential factors that define a dive watch.

Water resistance

Obviously, the first and foremost characteristics of all true dive watches are water resistant. A cracked crystal and soggy dial is the least expected thing that may happen under the ocean.

Minimum 200 meters depth of water resistance is recommended. In order to fulfill this depth rating, a dive watch needs to meet ISO – 6425 specifications which are considered an international standard for compliant dive watches.

To achieve a water resistance greater than 200 meters, the entire watch making has been engineered by keeping structural strength in mind. To withstand depth higher than 1000m, an additional element like thicker crystal, helium escape valves, etc. are needed.

Rotating bezel

All classic dive watches are known for their one signature characteristic, i.e. rotating bezel. The bezel provides an alternative to measure elapsed time that is legible to be read at a glance. The unidirectional property of bezel provides safety and make sure that the dial doesn’t by chance move backward during dive giving you the false impression that you have more time than you really do. While the oxygen is limited, you don’t want to overstay under water. So, this feature is a safety precaution every good dive watch owns.


The ocean is a dark place underneath and deeper you go the darker it gets. So, dive watch should be clear, and easy to read at a glance. The hands, dial face, should be fuss less with long lasting illumination.

Corrosion resistance

Of course, if you are going under the water, the material of the dive watch should be corrosion resistant. However, many times this feature is easily overlooked. In addition, the material should be easy to clean and resist salty sea water. Look for the cases that are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel or titanium. Other materials that can be included are ceramics and rubber. In any case, avoid plastics.

Watch strap

If you intend to wear your watch both under water as well as dry land, it is advisable to get a strap that suits both the situations. In the ocean, you would wear your watch over a wetsuit that can be large enough to fit. All good dive watches consists of an extendable deployment clasp with an extendable feature that allows it to fit over a wetsuit.

Dive watches are a prized possession for any person. Plus, they always come with a pricey tag. Therefore, you must spend a good amount of time to land on the best option.

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