Planning a New Security System? Few Tips

You may be concerned about the security of your home when you’re away. These concerns need to be addressed in an effective way, and a home security system is the right answer. Let’s begin our understanding of a good security system.

Some features of Good Security System

Every home is unique, and one size doesn’t fit all. Same is true for security systems. The must have of a security system are:

Security Alarm

This is one of the most basic security features. An alarm that sounds when the door or the window is opened by an unintended person during odd hours can be a great help. The loud sound can attract the neighbors and ward the burglars away. This type of alarm can be tripped manually with the help of a panic button. There are few others which are triggered by motion, alert intruder about their presence, or they directly send a silent alarm to security or 911. Most of them perform both the functions.

Security Lights

These lights can do task wonderfully when they are placed well. They can also alert the bystanders and help in nabbing the criminal. They are especially useful in the dark areas where cameras are installed.

Most of the security lights are motion sensitive, and can let intruders know that their presence is detected, and that they can no longer remain hidden. This thought will ward them off. Security systems from Kansas City are equipped with them to help you ward off intruders.

Security Cameras

They are one of the most common security feature usually installed on the external walls. They are used to monitor any abnormal activity and unintended intrusions. They presence deters the intruders. Some cameras are set to record at all times. Many of them are motion activated and work only when there is a movement is the camera’s range.

These recordings can be stored in a file for future reference. Those cameras having low capacity can only record a limited amount of activity. In the digital ages, some can cameras are even capable of relaying the recording over the net. This makes them even more useful.

Some cameras are even capable of sending the recorded images to a monitoring station. This monitoring can be done onsite or at a remote location wirelessly. The benefit of such monitoring is that it warns the security people to see the activity and respond quickly. Nowadays, it has become important to notify the person who is being recorded be made aware of the camera’s presence. It means having a sticker or plaque located within easy viewing. Often, this notification is enough to deter intruders.

Motion Sensors

There are many sensors which are usage specific.

Glass Break Detectors

They are attached to windows and display glass. They may sound an alarm; remain silent when the glass breaks

Motion Detectors

They are capable of detecting motion intrusions and can trigger security lights and cameras or an alarm.

Smoke Detectors

They are available in various sensitivity levels. Large buildings often require detectors with higher sensitivity. They are usually accompanied with fire detectors and sprinkler systems.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

They are often incorporated into smoke detector and are installed as a unit. CO is deadly, and human senses aren’t capable of detecting it, making them valuable to have in the home.

Monitoring System

Many security systems are smaller consisting of few cameras and security lights. Some systems don’t even have them, as the threat is less. A system which is fully featured requires a monitoring system to keep track of all the things.

Central Unit

This is the central computer of the security system which controls the rest of the component. They also store the passcodes and other information and can be programmed as well.

External Monitoring

It is for smaller homes who don’t want to have an in-house system. Smaller clients usually prefer such monitoring.

Security System from Kansas City even offers remote access. This means you can use your smartphone to see the recording or be alerted on your personal device. Try one for your home and get the peace of mind you always desired.

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